Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Our Home Feels Like Hell!

Aunty Amara,please I need your advice on this issue.
I am married with two kids. Things hasn't really been going well for my husband in his business. Whenever he comes home,the whole house feels like I and the kids are in hell,he doesn't like to talk with us, in fact nothing about us excites him.
He will rather be on his phone for hours even till midnight. I woke him up yesterday to tell him that we should fast and join forces an pray together as couple but he shunned me.
My husband doesn't go to church or want to do anything that has to do with Christ.
This afternoon,he came to meet me that he doesn't mind going into scam or looking for a rich woman with money.
Aunty Amara and friends in this forum,a good advice will help.

Man's greatest confidence is in his pocket and in manhood, if anything affects these two sensitive areas of his life, it takes the grace of God for him to maintain a healthy relationship with his wife and family. 
He's thinking about the bills he couldn't pay, the commitment he couldn't achieve and his image that he couldn't redeem especially when he looks at you and remembers how hard you may have been working lately since things turned out not so good. 

He needs a wife who will appreciate him and support him without making him feel like he was responsible for the loss. He needs a confidant who will go the extra mile to save his head from the shame and pains of not being able to meet up with his responsibilities. 

He needs a wife who would not be asking why but will go out and assure him of her support and undying love for him and giving him suggestions on the things that he could venture into 

He needs a wife who wouldn't drag him to church but will pray for him without necessarily making it a show or drama or look for reasons why he must join you. 

He's vulnerable but please support him and encourage him not to lose hope nor do something that will destroy his life and dignity in its totality. 

If the trend of his business isn't progressing as it was before, he may have to change to another kind of business or maybe try agriculture. 

It's time to explore other wealth creation opportunities than staying in one spot and hope to make a goldmine there. 
Now is the best time to let him know how much you really love him and is willing to give to help him become the same man that you met with great prospects and passion.

Pray for him, support him, encourage him and celebrate him, remind him of how much you believe in him and your commitment to helping him succeed in life. 
Let him know that you truly understand his challenges but wouldn't encourage that he uses the wrong approach to seek for solution. 

Marriage has its own phase of ups and downs and sometimes painful in-between which may not be favourable for you at the time of the experience but when you look up to him who ordained marriage, you will never be defeated by the challenges and difficulties you may be experiencing in your marriage. 

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