Friday, October 23, 2015

Should Couples Hide Anything from One Another?

"What God has joined together, let no one put asunder, you may now kiss your bride"  the pastor announced.
You grabbed your bride like a lifetime treasure, the world cheered and celebrated with you.
During reception you were visualising the honey and immediately you gave your closing remarks, you smiled at your wife and told her, honey now is the time for our moon wedding.
Thinking,  what came to your mind first? Shower or love making? Just can't figure it out but I'm certain you were as excited as a baby with his cheese balls.
You were completely naked, relaxed, free and totally honest to her.
Your dream came true, the man of your dream with the body of your desire and the peace and calmness that comes with having him under your control,"yippee; he's my husband and my man!"
Everything happened with your shy innocence and his grateful dominance, you enjoyed the moon and relaxed in the arms of your companion and pride.
Everyone cared about each other and there was sincerity and honesty in the lips of each other.
But one thing gives me great concern: At what point did lies resurrect in your marriage and what really motivated such attitude?
Why did you decide to tell your wife lies, and why did you choose to hide the truth from him?
When last did your spouse need evidence from you and you opened up to let her know your identity?
Lies have buried the beauty of many homes and replaced it with fear, guilty conscience, frustration, lack of trust, and emotional instability.
Many women are crying daily because they cannot tell who they really got married to, he hides his messages, answer his calls in a hush voice whenever she's around him and "padlocks" his phone should he be sleeping.
While I don't encourage married couples to go searching through phones of  each other, if you are consciously worried about your wife having access to your phone, there is something you are hiding.
But then, should couples really hide anything from one another?
Your husband shared his heart with you and you graciously revealed his privacy to your friends . You even told them his weaknesses and how you have dealt with him.
You now keep friends that he has no information on and whenever he asks for your whereabouts, you find so many excuses to give or evade the question.
I have been meditating on the dangers of lies and I can tell you that it doesn't help any couple; it kills and that gradually.
You owe your spouse the truth irrespective of his or her feelings or your excuses for such action.
Just as you were naked before your spouse in your honeymoon, that person desires and deserves such nakedness everyday of your marriage.
If indeed you cannot tell your spouse the truth, you should not engage in that action because it's evil.
As a husband or wife, you are accountable to God first, then your spouse, before your pastor, children, friends, or family members.
Please do not betray the trust and confidence of your spouse. Say the truth and live in honesty at all times.
God expects that couples don't get naked only when they want to make love with each other, He demands that they share the same nakedness in their business, spirituality, and relationship with one another.
This is why God ordained marriage and made it honourable above all else. Let's unite and fight the corruption of lies in our homes by saying the truth always!
Dear husband and wife, look at each other and let your spouse see your heart in every of your conversations.
God's word is true and the truth, please imitate him whenever you are with your spouse- "and they were naked and not ashamed".


  1. I love your posts. Truely so many enter into marriages with pure trust and innocence only to find out that the other person has never truly loved or been sincere with them. They want you for your goodness but they don't want to change the wrong side of their lives.

  2. I have come to learn in my marriage that it is not everything you tell a man. If my husband knows how much I have in my bank account he will spend it all. And when you ggive him gist about your friends or colleagues he will one day turn it on you that you are like them.


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