Friday, October 23, 2015

Should I Wait for Him or Move On?

Good evening ma! Please, I need a candid advise on this issue.
I met this guy sometime in August 2014...He asked me out and we officially started dating January 2015...he's what every girl would want in a the first week of August this year, he told me he was travelling to see his parents in Benin-city, and that he would be back in about three to four days...
I didn't see him after one week and I became worried, prior to that time, he calls me on phone...but suddenly his telephone lines were off. All effort to reach him proved abortive.
In a nutshell, he's now in the US, and he has since called to apologise...He's still pleading with me. He left his apartment keys with me and a few other property.
He said he would be back to Nigeria next year. I'm helpless...should I wait for him or move on with my life?

It's up to you, by the singular act of not confiding in you, he simply reduced you to a mere friend that he cannot trust nor does he believe in your personality. 
He sent a very strong message to you by ignoring you, lying to you and then dropping gifts for you. 
The real question is who is he to you and who does he see in you. 
If a relationship is devoid of sincerity and selfless devotion to one another, how will they become one in marriage and how will there be trust and confidence in the marriage? 
Like I said earlier, I am not a fan of lies with many gifts but if you believe that you can wait for him and that he genuinely loves you and has good intentions for you, then feel free to discuss with him and understand him better to avoid disappointment and regrets later in life. 

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