Monday, October 12, 2015

Should I Go or Not?

Good evening ma,thanks for all the wonderful and candid advice .As I write to you ma, am full of worries and am not having a sound sleep. 
I need you and the able house to advise me on this issue bordering me. 
Am a student of one of the university and in my third year in school,right from my first year ,there is this lecturer and also my course co-ordinator ,ever since he set his eyes on me,it has been a different thing entirely. 
In fact it has been hell for me always asking me out,he said he wanted us to be friend and all that ,which I refused .
Just last week ,when he came to supervise us in school because am on my teaching practice ,though he was not my supervisor ,he said there is no way I can escape him since I still have one more year to spend in school. 
Am so confused and scared that he might use the opportunity to hold me down since he's my second supervisor. 
He insisted we meet at a place, should I go or not .?
And what can I tell him so as to let go of me ,please ma, I need your advice and that of the house on this issue. 
Thank you ma.
If his name is not God, his threat is useless and futile. I would have been scared myself if men were God but unfortunately if I were in your shoes, I wouldn't compromise on my convictions because of the threat of a mere human being even if it means staying back for another year that is if God doesn't settle him with his own coin. 
Why should you be afraid to let him know your identity and convictions in life or do you think that your certificate is worth more than your dignity and your relationship with God? 
What exactly is the purpose of this friendship? To marry you or to sleep with you? 
Even if his intentions were genuine, does he have such a power to threaten your God or make himself look as though he's not mere mortal? 
Call him up and let him know that because you are the daughter of zion and the apple of God's eyes, you have meditated on this, prayed about it and have decided that you will not and will never compromise yourself for the sake of his marks or certificate. 
Let him know that you have chosen to stick with God and damn the consequences if any, thank him for his kind words and offer and leave the rest to God. 
I am yet to see anyone who trusted God and was put to shame and ridicule... Not God and never will He fail. 
Be focused on your programme and forget about his empty threats, like I said, if you are serving the God who created him, why should you be afraid of him and compromise against God your creator? 
We are serving a living God and nothing is ever hard for him to do for you so quit being afraid and unnecessarily worried for he's already at work to perfect the desires of your heart. 

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