Sunday, November 22, 2015

How Do I Tell Him I'm Not Interested?

Hello good morning ma,how was your night and family.
Please ma, am in a confused state now and in urgent need of your advice with that of your fans.
My family is known for getting married early but the case is different for my twin sister and I as we are now 25 years and still no marriage so last year I went to my sister's place whose husband happened to be a native doctor and after they had their last sixth child and he called me into his shrine and told me that he was going to help me get married if I will sign an agreement with him that I will train his children and always be there for him and his wife that my husband will be a wealthy man and that I should swear to that but I never did and that was it.
So he called me this week that he wanted me to come back that he have gotten someone for me and that he is working on the guy because he want to travel out this December and that every arrangements have been made that I should send my account number so that the guy can pay in money for me to come back and I asked him what if our blood group and genotype did not match then he said if I have forgotten who he is that he will make it to match .
Honestly I want to marry but not from my in law because he is like the devil give and take and if by chance I marry this guy who he believe that he will become rich with his help ,he will want to control him and the same with me and it will be a total bondage for us.
I was told in the church that I will marry before the end of December and I have dreamt it too. And if this guy is my husband why will he come from my in law? Why will God make him to come through them ?
I don't know how to tell them that am not interested without making them feel insulted please help me out thank you and God bless you all

My love, the life of a woman doesn't terminate in getting married, having sex and raising forth children. 
Gone are the days when marriage was the yardstick to measure your achievements and success in life. 
Yes it's a need that God has made provision for but with the way you are going about it, I'm afraid that you may end up with the devil's spoon and I have no idea what he may dish for you.
Instead of getting worried over what God is already preparing for your destiny, I would suggest that you make yourself available to serve others. 
Humble yourself and look for ways to affect lives positively, solve problems and create solutions that will enhance the standard of living and the quality of life in our nation. 
There are tons of things you can invest your time and wealth of knowledge in to help someone else be happy or hopeful. 
My suggestion would be that you forget about marriage and the prophesies ringing in your heart and simply focus your mind on making impact on our society and developing yourself in various skills that will make you stand out of the crowd. 
When you desire to serve those in need or to solve problems in around you or do anything that will be beneficial to the society, you unknowingly attract the best husband to yourself and before you know it, you are already married to him but if you wear the garment of desperation and sing the song of a sorrowful rejected lady, you will either end up in great misery or you attract men who will explore your body and sow their baby before leaving you to suffer for the rest of your life. 
While it's commendable that your family gets married on time, always remember that every individual has a specific journey in life and different times for their own marriages. 
That you married at 25 doesn't mean that you are better than those who got married at 30 so please stop putting the pressure of your age in your endeavours to avoid sending the wrong signals to prospective suitors. 
As for your brother in law, my kind suggestion is that you appreciate him for his offer but remind him that you are not interested in his offer. 
No matter what he says or how he feels about that is none of your concern because marriage is not a business transaction but a spiritual journey with a lifetime consequences should you end up with the wrong partner. 
Seek the face of God and not the opinions of a native doctor. 
Pray that God will perfect all that concerns you and bless you with a man who have a personal relationship with God and will love you with selfless love and not one with terms and conditions of marriage. 


  1. Good advice! Keep it up Aunty Amara! You have said it all. More wisdom in Jesus name

  2. Good advice! Keep it up Aunty Amara! You have said it all. More wisdom in Jesus name


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