Wednesday, November 11, 2015

How to Satisfy Your Husband in Bed!

Good day Mrs Amara. May God continue to enrich you with wisdom and knowlege.. You have written severally on how men can please their wives in bed.
Please can you educate women on how to arouse their husbands and also satisfy them in bed. I really need to know. Thank you. As I await your reply please accept my warm regards.

A virtuous woman will not only pray and fast and nag her husband but will satisfy him with a sensational sexual experience that leaves him completely glued to her body. 
Painfully not all women appreciate the potential and the power of their own body and for some, they only give when they get what they need which shouldn't be the case. 
Yes women are the power house of sexual intimacy and how well a man enjoys sex depends greatly on the mood and the attitude of the wife to sex. 
For men sex begins with their eyes and their smell. So one of the key areas any wife must concentrate on is in looking sexy and appealing to her husband and having a good smell that her husband cannot resist. 
It's good to dress decently when going out for an event or church programme but in your home, please let your husband feel your nipple from a distance and allow him to admire your legs while watching the news so that he can spot the breaking news in his own room and not one on the streets. 
Buy tempting lingerie and lovely underwears that gives your body a new look and a fresh appeal. 
Do not be tying wrapper on your chest always  as though you don't know that he's worried about them. Lol. 
Get good perfumes, fruity ones or ones that are simply sweet but not so strong that he will choke with them. 
Do not feel shy or wait until he has come and dismantled your legs, get close to him and lean on his body while you massage his chest with all satisfaction and gratitude. Tickle his own nipple. It actually makes men feel funny and happy too. 
As you massage him, also massage his ego with your words of adulation and appreciation. 
Remind him of the little things that made your world colourful and how you so much cherish him for who He is. 
Let him know that you are there for him and will always be there to support him. 
Get your hands inside his boxers and feel free to play with his balls even if the soldier is not standing, your hands on his balls will definitely wake up dead bones. 
Be gentle and be nice and also communicate while you do that. 
Remind him how much you love making love to him and the kind of pleasure and satisfaction you get from his passionate lovemaking.
But you would have wished he tickled you here or there that is if you feel there are areas of improvement in your bedroom. 
When you desire your man, do not lie as though you were rejected, undress him gracefully and caress him in a manner that will make him desire you more and more. 
No man wants to behold a dirty panties or a vagina that oozes out with so much odour or smell or dirty armpits. 
So it is a priority that you must be clean whether you are nursing a baby or pregnant or simply free for sex. 
Always take good care of your body if you desire that he give you a good head that you will never forget. 
Please do not use perfume or sugar or honey or anything that may have adverse effects on the pH level of the vagina. 
Please do not douch because you want to please him and avoid anything that may make your body have a different odour especially in that zone of interest. 
Be in charge and take positions that will leave him admiring your breast and buttocks while moaning with pleasure. 
If you are comfortable with giving him a blow job, please feel free and baptise your husband in such a manner that prostitutes irritates him. 
When he's in charge, please do not just lie like a log of wood but massage his back or buttocks or shoulders to encourage him and let him know how much you enjoy him. 
Because men like babies love compliments, the more you compliment him, the more he desires to release the whole world in you. 
Sometimes he may experience quick ejaculation or delayed ejaculation but please do not shut down his ego by complaining or feeling worried about that. 
Simply let him know that you are fine with everything he's doing and not doing well and that you know that he will improve with time. 
Be simply generous in your bedroom, feed him, feel him and fantasise about him while having great fun with him. 
Appreciate him when he's done and don't forget to prepare a wonderful meal for him. 
There's a tendency that he may sleep off, it's not that he doesn't love you but that could be as a result of his hormones nudging him to sleep but do not feel discouraged by that. 
Give him sex with gratitude and always give him reasons to look forward to morning, Mid morning, afternoon and a good night sex. 
I mean this is one of the greatest need of every husband and understanding how to give him sex to his satisfaction will always make him answer to your needs even before you ask for them. 
I hope that these few tips will help you revive your marriage and draw your husband closer to you than ever before. 
I'm certain that some men have more to add to this and we are all willing to learn from them. 


  1. Be free and bold enough to let him areas you want him to caress you the more cos some have the sense of fulfillment that when they see you moan, he gives them the confident that they are doing it rightly and also if he craves for more than just a round, be willing to let him have his way, even if you feel tired after the first round, you can allow him dictate the pace of the next.

  2. Beautiful response. Very important to know your man. Communication is key. AVL, you couldn't have put the men's thought into words more beautifully.

  3. Chinenye chuks, u too come here? Ahh married women and finding ways to keep oga happy.

  4. Chinenye chuks, u too come here? Ahh married women and finding ways to keep oga happy.


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