Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I Thought my Prayers has been Answered!

Please Aunty Amara,I need your advice seriously.
My friend introduced me to one guy,she told me that the guy is looking for a nice girl to marry,he has a good job and is financially stable.
So we started talking on phone,at first I thought my prayers has been answered,I thought he possessed all the qualities I wanted in a man,because of the way he talked with me on phone.
We have not seen each other yet,I planned to go and visit him because he based in PH,but suddenly he stopped calling me on phone and when I tried calling him he will not pick my calls.
Yesterday I called him and he picked and told me he has been busy all these while that I should give him time,that he will soon have time for me,but I said I will not call him again but my friend said I should continue calling him that he was not the way I thought he was.
Please I need your advice because I tried to forget everything about him and move on but I just couldn't,I felt disappointed,I rejected other suitors coming for me all because of him.

Dear, that a man has a good job and is financially stable doesn't make him emotionally mature for a commitment or responsibility in a relationship and for you to have rejected other suitors because of a man who you have never seen or could tell what his attitude was really made me feel that you were lost in fantasy of this nice man. 
No matter how many times you have discussed with him, the manner in which he talks with you and speaks nicely to you, or the number of times he promised to love you or the person who introduced you to him, if you have never set your eyeballs on him, dear you are in any relationship with him and whatever you wish to do or feel like doing is at your own consequence. 
And for you to have planned visiting him portrays you as a lady who's desiring marriage as a thirsty donkey. 
I have said it severally and even insects and other animals understand the principles that as a lady, your partner or any man who desires anything serious with you must as a matter of necessity make out time to see you at least on a first date and not the other way round. 
This puts you in control of things and prepares you for any eventualities should the date not be what you expected but visiting him doesn't give you such privileges and in most cases some ladies have been abused as a result of such visitation. 
Like I have told you, you decided to gamble with him and should not say that he disappointed you especially when you knew that you have never set your eyes on him. 
I believe that your friend had a good intentions for introducing you to him and it's possible that other great friends of him has already introduced other ladies to him thereby making you only an option and never a priority. 
So if you will agree with me, please stop seeking for his attention and treat him as your friend. 
Be realistic and be willing to give your heart for love, stop calling him every now and then and organise yourself as a lady so that you can take charge of the relationship. 
If after six months he has no interest in seeing you or he's too busy to see you,maybe you should give him and your friend some time to enable you maximise your opportunities now that suitors are coming around. 
Instead of waiting for him, please wait on God and allow him to perfect all that concerns you by giving you the man that he has already prepared for your destiny and fulfilment in life. 


  1. You already showed you're desperate and as Amara has said please my sister, forget that guy. He never disappointed you, you only had your expectations too high.

  2. The way tight your bed you are going to sleep please don't rush in relationship take your time also run to God pray and fasting and make some sacrifice then sooner your life is going change in the right side.Don't think about your age nor all the bad things some people is talking or think about your life.

  3. My dear stop. Everyone has time. Were not set by someone else s time clock. So please my dear forget about this relationship you are waiting for and pray to God for guidance. I ask you this this, if given the choice of the ten most beautiful years with the right man sent to you by God, or twenty five years of abuse and misery at the hands of someone you have not met yet.


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