Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My Kindred Hates Short Men!

Aunty Amara ,good evening . Thanks for what you have been doing. I need your help.
Am a final year student of microbiology. I have a friend and we have dated for four months,he is a graduate of UNN and a successful business man in Port Harcourt.
He loves and cherishes me and I do same too. He is short in nature but am not bothered.
My problem now is my kindred and family hate short men, please what should I do based on this.
Your advice not insult please.

Beautiful, I can confidently assure you that you don't have any problems at all. 
When you love a partner, truly and genuinely, you will accept him irrespective of his height or stature in life because nobody chose his height but God himself. 
Some couples got married to tall individuals but ended up with short children and I am yet to see the reasons why anyone should abuse or reject short individuals and until then please do not go about thinking that the world is against you. 
I worry more about the vision of an individual and their attitude to life and others more than I am worried about their stature. 
Because none of your kindred family can create any individual nor are they God to judge an individual based on his height, please kindly pray that God perfects the desires of your heart by giving you a man who is Godly, emotionally stable and psychologically mature for marriage and lifetime responsibilities and when God has presented him to your please visit your kindred and let them know who he is. 
Whether they will accept him or not is their own opinion, what matters is that you are assured and convinced that he's the man God has prepared for your happiness and fulfilment in life and destiny. 
In all your endeavours, never you examine anything based on the perception of men but on God's word. 
All the best dear. 

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