Monday, November 9, 2015

My Wife Manipulates me with Sex!

Good day  Amara, I have seen how issues have been handled by you so I want you to advice me on this:
I have been married for the past three years now. When I got married newly I didn't enjoy having sex with my wife maybe cos of my past relationships with women.
When having sex I discovered she was kind of stiff in bed and also very tight down below so I get lots of bruises most times but later got used to it.
We had a son so our sex life kinda slowed down cos of the baby. Now the baby boy is two years now.
My problem is this! I have started enjoying sex with her a lot cos her movement etc has changed that I crave for it. We started having it often that one day and she told me how sex was all I knew of and that I don't show much love!
God knows I try my best as a man to improve on this! So because of this she now wanted to use it as way to control me in doing things normally I won't do so I cut the sex off!
But the truth is am dying of it but my pride won't let me beg for it. We only have sex once she touches me and wants it but some nights or even day I will just be wishing she will just touch me!
I even spy on her when she is dressing up or just naked walking around when my son is not at home! Amara what do I do!
Am afraid of her saying am not doing enough for our love! I so love this woman!

I want to believe that you are talking about your wife and not your girlfriend or some kind of strange lady. 
I will categorically say that any wife who manipulates her husband with sex is not only selfish and wicked but is also devilish because it totally negates the very essence and purpose of marriage. 
If as a lady you don't wish your husband to have an unlimited access to your body as your husband, please stay single and focus on looking good for yourself but not to expose your husband to sexual temptations and strange desires all because you want what you know he may not be able to provide. 
I have to say it the way it is because many women rush here complaining of infidelity and cheating of which some of them may have pushed their husbands into with their own attitude and sour lips. 
It's not fair dear wife for you to make mockery of your husband's sexual needs by denying him of sex except perhaps by mutual understanding for a limited period of time. 
Stop this wickedness because it will never help you in life. 
Please dear husband, first encourage your wife to read this response and after that sit her down and have a heart to heart discussions with her to know why she has chosen to frustrate you in this manner. 
Excuse me sir, you don't have the right to peep at the wife but you have the right to behold her nakedness in any form, manner or method that you choose to whether 2 - D or 3-D views as you so desire and please you don't need permission to make love with your wife as much as you both desire. 
Please thrash your ego and embrace your wife, sexual desire is never a sin and sexual fulfilment is very important for your spiritual, emotional and psychological wellbeing. 
If there is any sexual disorders or discomforts that your wife experiences or she's not sexually satisfied with your performance, that will be understandable but not to starve you sexually by making you feel as though you are not meant to have sexual desire for her body. 
Spend quality time with foreplay and take your time before lunching into full love making, please give her good morning sex, and good night romance session, it's part of showing love to your wife. 
Get a lubricant (water based) so that you don't get so much bruises from making love with her and try different positions that will give her maximum pleasure and orgasm. 
Give your heart to building your home and please do not let your wife push you into cheating or masturbating. 
I hope that she will apologise for her attitude and make amends where necessary because this is sincerely painful and should not be condoned in any home. 
At this rate, your marriage may crumble if she doesn't sit up and play her role as your wife and your companion.


  1. Amara just killed it again! God bless you ma'am.

  2. am just very happy for your respond ma becos Many of are facing the same thing at home and only way out is cheating on who ever that choose to deprive his man to wonderful gift from God for mariage ones

  3. Some men are only nice when they want to have sex and its not very good. Men should be nice to their at all times. Make your wife love you and she will keep giving it to you

  4. For once ma'am I disagree with you on some points is important in marriage as well as other areas of marriage. What is he doesn't take care of his family responsibilities. What if he is the type of man that ignores other areas of family life.from his post he said the wife complained about him not doing his part well as a man.not once did you tell him to look into her complaints and try to understand the areas he is not doing well and improve on smoke without fire.her attitude isn't the best way to resolve issues but he too must pay attention to whatever the issue is.there are too sides to every story.

  5. every wife does it, my wife does it so often that i started dating other women, but i`m a good man and i told her and we got divorced, so now i`m hanging out on this great web site reading about belarusian brides and thinking on having one for myself!

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