Monday, November 9, 2015

Love Test

Anyone can fall in love. One of the easiest thing in this generation is falling in love. We fall in love just the way we fall out of love. I'm sure you will agree with me that most of what we call love is nothing but lust and infatuation.
Have you professed love lately? Are you planning to profess love soon? Do you always remind your spouse how much in love you are?
Now, go through these questions to know if you are truly in love
1. What made me fall in love with my spouse?
2. How much do I think of my spouse more than others?
3. What do I mean when I say 'I love you'?
4. Am I emotionally tied to someone other than my spouse?
5. When last did I pray for my spouse?
6. If his six-pack and broad shoulder goes today, will I still love?
7. If his/her bank account dries up today, will I stay with my spouse?
8. If she gets fat and loses her curves today, will I still love her?
See this 
9. If his big and very strong joystick stops rising up, will I love and be faithful to him?
10. If those pointed breasts and very flat tummy begin to sag and look flabby, will I stay with her and be faithful?
11. What about that lovely skin you fell for; will you still massage and caress them when they become wrinkled and tired?
12. I fell for the lovely eyes; will I stand by her when those eyes begin to grow dim?
13. The hairs are beautiful now; will I still play with the hair when half part of her head goes bald?
14. What if something happens today to stop him/her from walking, will I be there to help my spouse go through it and even if it doesn't come to an end, will I stay faithful to our covenant?
15. What do I understand by the word, love? Am I truly in love? Am I willing and ready to pay the price for love?
Nothing is as healing and soothing as waking up each morning with the assurance that your spouse is with you for better or worse. Nothing strengthens more than the knowledge that I am for my spouse just as he/she is for me.
Love isn't just a word; love is life. Love, my sweethearts, is sacrifice.

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