Sunday, December 6, 2015

Am Confused in Making a Choice!

Good evening aunty Amara, am a 27 years old lady and a graduate. Please I need your advice on something that has been bordering me for a while now.
I have two men that has been asking for my hands in marriage, one is an architect and he is very rich, the other one is a graduate too but he is into business, he is comfortable but not rich. Both of them loves me so much and has been disturbing me to settle down with me for a while now. The Architect is taking care of me very well and he does everything possible to make sure that I marry him because he knew about the other guy.
The one that is into business is also trying his best for me, he loves me and takes care of me very well too, we cook together, wash clothes together and do house chores together.Although he did not have money like the architect but I love him very well because he is so caring.
Am so confused in making a choice because my friends are advising me to marry the architect because he is rich, they said that I should marry the person that will give me everything that I want, that I should forget about love and marry him, that am going to love him when we start living together, even my elder sister is having problems with me because I refused to accept the rich guy.
I have told the rich guy to go and marry another person that I don't love him as much as I love the other guy but he keeps on begging and calling me that he loves me so much. The other guy is crying too that I should not leave him because he has dreamt where I left him and married another person for three consecutive times.
Please aunty Amara advice me on what to do because am so confused right now. Thank you.

Though you may not have known before now but I must let you know that it is wrong for anyone to compare another for whatsoever reasons especially when it pertains to relationship and marriage and it is equally wrong for anyone to double date when he or she is already in a relationship. 
From the surface value, it looked as though the architect just jumped on you and started crying out that he wished to marry you but the moment you started accepting his gifts and cares without respecting the feelings of your partner, you started dating him and hence the confusion. 
Your friends will tell you to marry riches because to them that's the definition of love, riches, toys and luxurious living but unfortunately what your friends won't tell you is that riches doesn't guarantee the peace of mind, happiness and fulfilment in life and destiny. 
Riches doesn't make a marriage to succeed nor does riches guarantee that there will be no problem and challenges in your marriage. 
Those who hate you will encourage you to seek riches and affluence but anyone who loves you will encourage you to seek God and marry the one who has a personal relationship with God, one who has a vision in life even though he may not have so much,one who is responsible irrespective of how much he earns, one who respects your views and shares his heart with you. 
Anyone who loves you will encourage you to quit double dating and receiving gifts from all men that confesses love to you. Men should not perceive you as a lady who is after wealth and confused about what you need in the man that you desire to marry and grow with. 
You should be known for your integrity and total commitment to your promises to the relationship and not one who looks at the pocket of every man that approaches you or the amount of money one is willing to part with you. 
You should be emotionally, mentally, psychologically and spiritually prepared to grow in love with the man that you have chosen irrespective of his present financial status and you should be willing to sacrifice your all to help him succeed and become the kind of rich and famous man that you so much desire. 
Because money is like a river, it flows from one individual to another, anyone who makes money her reason for marriage will never be committed in such marriage especially when the money is no longer able to satisfy her needs. 
Please I must remind you that marriage is more than the financial capacity of a man, money will only make your wedding day lovely, colourful, beautiful and adorable to all who cares to celebrate with you but doesn't guarantee that your marriage will succeed. 
Please seek that which will give you the peace of mind, and you shall find comfort and fulfilment in your marriage. 
If you have never prayed about your relationship before now, today is the best day to pray and weep to God because what you see is little compared to who they are in God and what they will become in twenty years time. 
Please do not let anyone else make a decision for you especially when you know so well that you will live to bear the consequences that follows for the rest of your life. 
And please go for the partner that you are convinced that he will help you become the kind of lady, wife, companion, mother and friend that you have prayed to be in your marriage. 


  1. "My friends said that i should marry the rich guy that i should forget love, that i will still love him after marriage"
    Dear poster..
    Why won't you get confused when you've surrounded yourself with very naive and unrealistic people you call your friends..
    How can you claim you love a guy yet you're still engaged with another guy even to a piont that you consider him for marriage? That is cheating in disguise...
    From the look of things, your mind is on the money and probably you came here to try whether you'll get some additional backups in order to fulfill your know deep down within you the right thing to do but money is choking up the truth..
    Your happiness and peace of mind is priceless..
    If you've found love, Choose love..

    1. nice reply my big round breast!!!

      abeg na who love don help??

      poster, marry love and poverty go ne your son second name, u better marry the rich guy!

      don't mind all these yeye broke ass niggas telling you to follow love!

      smtcheeeewwwww nonsense

  2. Okonkwo ma broda, u're too much. God bless u.
    Poster u better follow love, with love in ur home, other blessings will follow.

    1. taaaaaaaaaaa, see dem association of dead broke oloribiruku men!

      don't mind these died wretched oo poster, love doesn't exist at all, go after the rich fuy my dear cos no be love you go chop at the end ooooo, when love tire you, u go begin go beg that rich guy bCk!!

      riches over love anyday anytime!!!!


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