Sunday, December 6, 2015

What Are the Challenges of Surrogacy?

Good evening ma, am so sad to share this. I just need to pour out my mind and be free.
Am a single mother of a two years old boy. It has not been easy for me taking good care of him alone. But I thank God today because my first fruit is the beginning of my strength.
Am an accounting graduate, find it hard to get a job in order to cater for myself and my son.
My father is late, and my mother got retired last year though the government hasn't considered her paper for pension.
I spoke to a friend sometime around August if there is any business that I can start with low income because I did three months contract audit work for an audit firm. The contract job end in October. I was able to save little cash though not enough because I need to cater for my son.
Ma, I want to ask. A friend asked me to go to a private hospital that I want to be an IVf donor. Have done all necessary and was confirmed to be okay.
Ma, can I go ahead with this plan???? Is there any risk involved??
I really need money to start little business. All men/guys coming my way only want to take advantage of my body which I always deny them.
Ma, I just feel if I'm able to get money to start a business, even men coming my way will respect me that at least I have a means of income.
I'm really confused and sad. I contemplate suicide everyday. Please advice ma/sir.
I'm just 25 years old. I know God has a good plan for my life.

When you know that God has great plans for your life, thoughts of suicide will be very very far from you because we don't serve a toy god but a Great God who knows the particles in your blood and knows your heart much more than anyone else.
In the developed countries, IVF donor or surrogate mum is a legitimate job which many women take up and live on.
But because of the culture and the perception of IVF, some may not appreciate that but my candid advice would be that before you venture into it, make sure that you have all the legal documents to backup the process so that nobody tags you a baby factory lady.
Also you may also need to be far from home so that you don't give birth and then start the war of baby custody by your family and friends.
You must sign all the legal documents detailing the duration of the IVF and terms and conditions of service, it should also include whether you will breastfeed the baby and for how long it will be so that the family will know when to expect their baby.
Once everything has been detailed and the family and the hospital management approves of it, I don't think that you should be afraid to venture into it if that is what you are comfortable with or convinced to do.

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  1. Rubbing peter to pay paul. You want to venture into this business inorder to take care of your kid,the same you that wants to give up your future kids, so who is decieving who now. How can you live your life happily knowing fully well that your kids are alive but with someone else. Can your concience permit you? Huh do u even have concience? Will your future husband forgive u after going through your past? U have already had a bitter past then why will you add another bitter pill to the already bad past?


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