Saturday, December 5, 2015

Is Putting on Trousers an Abomination?

Good afternoon ma. How are you doing? You have really inspired me in every area of my life. I have learnt so much and still learning from you and your great fans.
Please I need your advice on this issue. I'm a girl of 23 years and a Catholic, most of my church members criticize me because i wear trousers.
They always quote Deutronomy 22:5, insisting that wearing of trousers by females is an abomination before God.
Please Mrs. Van-lare I need to know if it's true or false.
Thank you!

Yes dear the Bible did say that males should not wear that which belongs to females and that females should not wear what belongs to males. 
However the real challenge is that many have interpreted it to mean that any female who wears trousers is committing sin unto God which in all sincerity isn't true because we have female trousers and male trousers. 
What I personally preach is decency and not trousers and skirts because Christ didn't preach the law but He preached God's love. 
So in your dressing make sure that nobody sees your buttocks or that you wear dresses that mirror your private sector or that you dress in an indecent manner. 
Have a closer relationship with God and study his word, He will convince you on what's best for you and your personal relationship with Him. 
As for those who criticise your wearing trousers, appreciate their efforts and encourage them to pray for you and not criticise or condemn you because they feel that you shouldn't have a personal relationship with God because you wear trousers. 

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