Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Can't Stand a Gambler, I Want a Divorce!

Urgent! Compliments of the season to you and your fans... Aunty I feel like exploding... I posted sometime that I was eight months pregnant but my hubby won't help me do anything (Read Here) ...
I delivered a baby girl three weeks ago.. While I was pregnant and immediately after our wedding I realised he doesn't come with money except feeding money which is not even up to but as a wife I had to bear and manage considering the fact that we just wedded then..
After a month it became unbearable as I couldn't even eat the things I ought to eat as a pregnant woman not to talk of buying maternity clothes as the old ones couldn't size me.. I managed one gown although I was unhappy..
At a point I thought he was having an affair. I noticed he now hang out with some people who are gamblers.. I didn't want to think that he would be doing gambling because of his job.. My mom took me to our house for omugwo only for people around my area to be telling me to advice my hubby to keep away from his friends that if they teach him what they know that I'll be in trouble...
Since I went for omugwo he doesn't bring money for my feeding only excuses and always in a hurry to go home but doesn't go home but to this his friend's place.
His attitude and action justified that he was playing gamble.. I can't stand a gambler I want a divorce.

I understood all you said but I feel that you are not emotionally prepared and you don't understand your role as a wife, home builder and the mother of your home. You seem to be completely lost in your marriage and is looking for every excuse to quit your marriage.
I won't stop you if that be your wish but I still feel that you may need to sit down and organise yourself so that you don't rush out of your marriage only to realise that you could have done something to help your husband and strengthen your marriage. 
I have an issue with you moving back to your mother's house after the birth of your baby. I don't think that things have gotten so bad that leaving your home was a better option than staying back and sorting things out with your husband.
I want to believe that you dated and courted your husband before getting married to him and you won't say that you didn't have any idea of what he does for a living and the kind of friends he associates with. Please recall this mail (Read Here)
While you may detest gamblers due to their addiction of gambling, maybe he's gambling to argument his income and also provide all you need and for the fact that he's gambling doesn't really mean that you should throw away everything you invested to make this marriage a reality. 
A wise woman would sit back and dig deep to understand what could have pushed him into gambling and how to help him manage his resources and help him conserve his income instead of rushing out of her home. 
She wouldn't let the circumstances or the weaknesses of her marriage make lose hope in her marriage but she will invite God and surrender her all to Him and seek his intervention in her home.
She will work out modalities towards raising money that she needs to cater for her children and her own needs. 
I know that this wasn't what you bargained for but I don't suggest that you rush out without even giving your best to make your marriage succeed. 
Marriage is a joint venture where two responsible individuals who have mutual vision and purpose to build an enduring and happy home decides to let go of their self desires and needs and give their heart to building a home where peace, love and joy reigns. 
Today you are a proud mother of a precious daughter and any decision you make today will have an influence in her life and destiny. 
Please seek the face of God, take things slowly and settle down and see what you can do to strengthen your marriage and help your husband succeed. 
Before you consider quitting, look back from where you started, task yourself to give your all to make this marriage succeed, and if after giving your all, there was no improvement, then you may consider quitting. 
I pray that God will give you a persevering heart and the wisdom that you need in times like these to help you make the best decision in your marriage. 

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  1. The truth is that some rush into marriage without been prepared. Just want to wear white gown one nice aso ebi. with beautiful pictures. That not marriage and my dear,I will say u sound below 30 inmatured to want to leave ur hubby and how about ur new just go and sit and think of How to revive ur hubby.Dont be selfish.


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