Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I Haven't Seen Any Changes!

Good evening ma,I have read about your advise to people and I have seen that God has endowed you with wisdom. Please I need your advice.
I'm 28 years old and I have a boyfriend which I'm thinking of getting married to but I'm scared because he has a lot of vices that I don't know how to deal with like drinking ,lieing ,nagging,hanging out with friends,he puts me last in his schedule and he doesn't know how to make a lady feel special and all these things that he does get to me because they are things I hate.
I don't know what to do because he keeps promising to change in which I have not seen any changes.
Please advise me. God bless you ma.

When a man combines lying with drinking,infidelity will be the end result and always remember that it's only God that can change an individual and nobody has the capacity to change anybody because we don't have control over the heart of a man. 
So if you are willing to endure, tolerate, persevere and continually pray for him even when it may be painful, difficult and frustrating for you, then kindly support him and encourage him to stop while you pray for him but if you are convinced that you cannot sacrifice your personal comfort and you cannot endure some of his attitude, please quit the relationship and liberate yourself from the torture and emotional embarrassment he's putting you through. 
You need to put your feelings aside and tell yourself the truth, it will greatly help you much later in life because in marriage, feelings can't shield you from the realities of an individual's shortcomings no matter how you wish to ignore it.

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