Monday, December 21, 2015

His Sperm is Watery, I'm Worried!

Aunty Amara , good evening. I say well done for the job you are doing here.
Here is my worry, I got married this last Saturday as a virgin. For now intercourse has been very very painful but I trust there will be a change.
I discovered that my husband's semen was watery, could it be that he has low sperm count or was it normal.
Am trusting God that I will carry my own babies in the next nine month cos I myself have irregular menses.
Please aunty Amara enlighten me more on what to do to be a mother on time. Thank you ma.

Congratulations on the success of your wedding and the beauty of lunching into the high tension of pleasure and sexual enjoyment. 
This is the ministry that needs to be enjoyed and not endured with pains though I understand that the first time can be painful. 
Please encourage your husband not to rush the pudding because the glory of a fulfilling sexual exploration lies in a good foreplay.
Let him know that your lovely breast, the nipples, your ears, down the neck, your spinal cord, buttocks and the clitoris all needs his loving attention and sincere appreciation. 
Rushing your body will make you experience pains because there will be little or no lubrication at our big girl vagina and that would not be an awesome experience for your pleasure. 
If after adequate foreplay, you don't produce enough lubricant for a painless sex then you may need to consider using a water based lubricant so that you don't experience so much pains during the thrusting of his penis. And when you experience any discomfort or excessive pains, please talk to your husband and consider meeting with your gynaecologist for proper examination of your vagina and advice. 
So here is what you need to do, get some seductive underwear, the type that flashes your nipples and vagina with reckless abandon, please remember that you are in the moon so your major focus should be to harvest as many honey as you desire without worrying about the fuel scarcity or the exchange rates. 
Massage him and give his penis an arousing welcome to the paradise of love where all that matters is your happiness and the happiness of your king. 
Guide him on a tour to your paradise and there is no need to be ashamed or afraid to suggest how you want the meal to be served, whether hot, cold, chilled or with great passion. 
Be involved with what he's doing and try different positions as much as you are both comfortable with it. 
You cannot detect a watery sperm or a non healthy sperm by mere looking at it with your naked eyes but with the help of a microscopic lens so I would suggest that you simply forget about the nature of his sperm and focus on receiving as much as your body can contain while we trust God to bless your efforts with the fruits of the womb. 
Whether you have regular or irregular menstruation shouldn't make you feel worried about anything, as long as there is a menstruation, just believe that you are a mother of many children in the incubation room of your husband.. Lol. 
Simply relax your mind and enjoy sex like there is nothing else that matters. If you are not relaxed and grateful for the gift of your husband, you will find it difficult to conceive your children and also bear this in mind that sperm and egg doesn't produce children, but children are a precious gift from God alone and he gives them to those who he chooses so do not trust in your efforts but in the wholeness of God in your marriage. 
After honeymoon, we can discuss about the quality of his sperm but for now please I am more concerned with the quality of your sex life as a tear rubber brand new couple. 
So do enjoy your honeymoon please. 


  1. My dear, just as aunty amara said you can't tell a watery sperm by looking, abi you want it to be like custard, enjoy your marriage and enjoy fruitfulness

  2. The moment a lady says she is or she married as a virgin, it just doesn't go down well with so many ladies on this page...
    If you have a problem with that, why didn't you keep yours safe? Did she send you to open your legs before the due time?
    Women are their own worst enemy always seeking for ways to discredit good achievements...
    I see some asking her how she knew what sperm looks like if she claimed she was a virgin...
    Some of you shouldn't be so naive biko...
    What happened to sex education? a topic tells you all you need to know about sex and its ingredients...
    What happened to the internet?
    Free this lady biko..
    Jealousy at its peak...

  3. What u experienced as watery is called semen. It carries the sperm cells n flows out after sex,it is normal,enjoy urself dear.

  4. What u experienced as watery is called semen. It carries the sperm cells n flows out after sex,it is normal,enjoy urself dear.

  5. Aunty Amara you are just too much. God bless you. Baby girl please enjoy your honey moon and leave the rest to God. once again happy married life.

  6. Enjoy your Sex life Madam and forget about watery sperm.... Even pre cum can get you pregnant


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