Thursday, December 31, 2015

How Do I Let Him Go?

Ma, please what do you do when a guy tells you that he is not ready to settle down because he doesn't have money (no job yet) in his mid 30's, he used to work in the military but he resigned due to reasons I do not know. We have been together for four months now.
The problem is that this guy is always calling, texting, telling me he loves me, he knows very well that I want a relationship that will lead to marriage sooner or later, but he has made it clear that he is not thinking about marriage and he is not ready anytime soon.
I have asked him to stop calling and texting so that I don't lose focus while waiting on God but he won't stop. I blocked him from calling me but he still sends very emotional text messages. When I tell him I want to focus he gets jealous and vows not to let me go.....
Aunty, what do I do to let him off? I am always tempted to reply his messages since we had started getting along very well. I believe in a relationship, people must agree and be on the same page. How do I let him go aunty?

For the fact that some people are ignorant of the value of a gold doesn't mean that the owner will reduce the price for gold and when those who thinks that they know the value of the gold doesn't appreciate it, the owner will kindly ignore them and get her mind focused on what really matters which is her treasure.
I love you, I can't do without you, you are the best thing that happened to me and the likes of those are mere fantasies until there is a genuine commitment to the relationship.
If he has so many excuses and he's uncertain about why he's in a relationship with you, then kindly destroy your line and every other thing that will trap you to him in the name of love and move on.
You cannot afford to miss your husband just because a lover boy is busy downloading messages to your phone and unnecessarily distracting you.
Get hold of your emotions and let your conscience speak to you. If you decide to wait for him, for how long will you do that? What guarantees do you have that he won't leave you for a younger girl while you are with him?
Where is he really going and what is his vision and purpose in life and why is he afraid to make commitment?
You see, time wasters are very romantic but painfully deceptive and manipulative, you must be strong emotionally to overcome them and of course don't forget to always pray for your relationship and ask him to give you the grace and wisdom to make some tough decisions even when your heart and emotions are weak.

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