Friday, December 18, 2015

Saw a Woman with Four Kids Crying and Begging!

Good day Aunty Amara, you've got an alluring personality; so proud of you, love to see outstanding and prominent women like you as you are a motivator and also a model to these present generation. Wish every woman could be as wise, intelligent and witty as you. Am one of your faithful comrade; I must say, this page is worth the attention.
Just read the story(Read More) of a girl that was deceived by a man unknowingly to her that the man was married. Am prompted to tell my own story cause it's similar to hers. I'd like to make this point clear to some of us doubting the part she told of her chastity. Oh yeah! it's very possible to be with a man for that long without indulging in sex. Once you are determined and have a standard principle/rules, I assure you, it obtainable.
I met a man early this year, based abroad. On sighting me, he apparently claimed to have seen the woman he's long been searching and yearning for. He was just all over me; claimed to have been in Abuja for the first time, that it was God who ordered his steps, blah! blah! blah!. He actually came for the renewal of his passport which was supposed to be in Lagos but he was redirected to Abuja.
He made his intentions known, that he wanted to marry me and wouldn't want to waste time. He inquired to know about my background, family and even came to see my mum. With the tenacity in which he pursued me, who'd ever think he was a joke? A staunch and committed member of MFM and even an assistant Pastor where he reside. Whenever we talked or had an argument, he always backed his point with Bible passages.
I agreed to get to know him (Court). After a month in Nigeria he returned to his base. But while he was around, he asked to get me pregnant in order to make the marriage rite faster but it didn't seem okay with me. I told him if anything was worth doing, was worth doing well. And being the first daughter, my parent wouldn't permit such. Am an ND holder, just rounded up my IT, hoping to go for my HND.
While away, he always called, and would want to talk to all of my sibling but I limited him to just one of my siblings, as I'm not convinced about us and couldn't tell who he was to me. I noticed he doesn't call at night and early in the morning neither does he take my own calls. I confronted him, he said it was his doctor's prescription/advice; that once it was night, he silenced his phones and go to sleep, due to the migraine headache he had, that he usually received a whole lots of business calls and if he entertained any call by such time he won't be able to sleep again and that would worsen his condition.
From all indication, he was so into me. I had to pray about us; I asked God to reveal any hidden thing am yet to know about him if there was any and also show me if he was the right person. In all of this, I'm not so pleased with him for no obvious reason.
After my prayers, I had a dream, saw a woman with Four kids, crying and begging me to let her husband be. But before then he's already making plans on how I could come over. In the dream I was in his place and the woman was driven out with her children while she was pleading.
After the dream, I asked him if he's ever been married before, he said no, I told him my instinct/intuition told me he had a woman in his life, but he's bent on not having any. We kept going and I kept pondering on the dream, cause it was so real to ignore.
Lo and behold! after some weeks while still planning to come see me, didn't know how the wife got to know about us. She called and told me who she was to him and how many kids she had for him, and it was exactly the dream I had (four kids).
Hmmmm!, my dear fellow, avid readers, this dude was so real, none would ever imagined he's got wife and even kids. He's so young, look like under 28. Even after his wife revealed his marital status, he denied it. He said she was just a desperate woman that wanted him at all cost, that if I sincerely care about us, this was the time to stand firmly by him blah! blah! blah!.
Let me just stop here. The story is just too elaborate for me to tell. Thanks to you all for your attentions. Merry Xmas and Prosperous New Year to all of us @ Amara Van-Lare Forum...

No matter the promises any man may make to you or how desperate he may be to get married to you and send you abroad, please endeavour to make further enquiries about his personality, family, present and past relationships and his purpose for the relationship. 
This is because it will save you of the embarrassment and disappointment that comes with dating a married man who has no respect or regards for his wife and children let alone your emotions. 
I thank God that you didn't fall prey of his deceptions and I pray that God will favour you with your husband in no distant future. 

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