Saturday, January 30, 2016

All her Bra has Big Foam!

Good evening Aunty Amara. Thanks for bringing solution to numerous peoples' problems. I am about to engage my lady but I have a problem with her. Though she has very small breasts, very small I must confess but that is never a problem. My major problem with her is that all her bra and singlets have big foams attatched to them to boost her breast. That I hate with alarcrity. I have warned her, telling her that I love her the way she is but she never stopped wearing them. I have given money severally to buy better lingeries but all to no avail. What should I do?

Please be patient with her, and accommodate her decision. She's not wearing a bra with foam because she want to hurt or offend you but she could be wearing those bra to boost her public image and also please you just as she already knows that you may have directly or indirectly talked about her boobs.
Be patient with her, when she's married to you, there wouldn't be any need for bra because everything will be staring at you and you can have access to them as you pleases.
Breast means so much to ladies just as it does to men and she would naturally want to make you feel proud of her body and also stand out without getting worried about someone who is starring from a distance.


  1. Heeeeeei...make in a see trouble o .
    Poster, my hubby went to China and got me foam bras, on my request cos he understands it gives my clothing a fitting 'we' luv. He even suffered to find a correct shop for 'wonder bras'
    Leave her alone nah, u be wizard?

  2. Interesting post! To my mind, small boobs isn't a problem! Many men and women prefer them than big breast! You can make sure . This article will change your mind!) Good luck)


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