Saturday, January 30, 2016

She's Born out of Wedlock!

Good morning ma and happy new year.......
More Grace and strength for the year in Jesus name Amen.......
Ma there is this girl I wanted to marry.....I have prayed and got confirmation from God that she is the right one.........
Not until yesterday when she told me that she was a born out of wedlock......... Am confused and I don't know what to....
l have met her brother (sorry to say uncle)... And they might call me any moment from now.........
God knows the reason why she was chosen but as a human we have choice.........
Please I need a kind advice on how to handle this now that I have loved her ........ Thanks.

In God's plan nobody is illegitimate to experience life and nobody is irrelevant to God's purpose and plan on earth.
The same sexual intercourse that brought the children born in wedlock was the same intercourse that brought those born out of wedlock so God has not given us the authority to question his creation and his authority over the life of any individual.
The breath that she breaths, the life that she live and all that concerns her is in God's hands and if she has a personal relationship with God and has given herself to live for God, there's no chain or guilt or the perception of men that will hinder her from fulfilling God's purpose for her life and destiny.
If you have gotten confirmation from God and you are convinced that she's the one God has prepared for your life and destiny, please channel your reservation to him.
One thing is certain, God reveals his will for you and gives you the opportunity to decide whether to accept his will or accept yours. Yes we have the freedom to choose but I won't gamble with God's will because he is the architect of my existence, my purpose and my desire in life.


  1. Never knew being born out of wedlock could also be a condition for marriage, like the person is evil abi wetin

  2. And please are you marrying her because you love her abi because you've confirmed that it's God's will, the most important foundation for marriage is love, after love, you can now seek the face of God.

  3. Your mission isn't marriage but imaginary ideas son. Who born or sired a woman doesn't matter but the heart and soul of that whom you are associated with. What does born out of wedlock matter in your love life? Infact you should applaud the pair that mated to bring out the gem you now call a lover.
    People never choose sperm donors. We all come to be and most important thing is that we are human. In pursuance of good life we seek God not man's approval. You are 100% wrong in your view or assessment of such an open, beautiful and honest girl. Who is without sin of ommision or commission in this harsh world? Change your selfish view and ask God to intervene in your situation.

  4. Bus poster, how old are u?
    Are u sure u are matured enough to take desicions for urself?
    Note that maturity is not of old age but of ur heart.
    If I am d girl, ur reaction when I told u will tell me of to go ahead with u or not.
    In one word, u are a CHILD!!!

  5. She is born out of wedlock and so what?



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