Thursday, January 21, 2016

He Always Shuts me Down!

Good morning ma,happy new year.
I will be 25 by September while he will be 29 years in June. We started dating early November last year,the issue I have with him is that whenever he calls and I don't pick up,it becomes a serious problem. When I want to explain to him why I did not pick,he will tell me to shut up and listen to him,that really upsets me.
Is it right for him to just shut me up whenever I want to explain things to him? I feel he wants to treat me like his house help and not his lover.

I also feel the same way too because friends don't shut down the emotions of another or compel you in a manner that suggests that he's doing you a huge favour.
Partners listen to each other, communicates WITH each other and not Talk To each other.
You need to sit him down and let him know that such language is not only cruel and harmful but that you cannot tolerate such with him so that he will learn to have an open mind and give you a listening ear.
If he cannot communicate with you, then you may need to reconsider your decision to date him and decide what's best for your happiness and fulfilment as an individual.


  1. Simply dump his ass and move on. Just 2 months and he is being silly....mtcheeeeew

  2. Thank God you can do without him ,say good bye to him now that is still early


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