Thursday, January 21, 2016

I Want To Quit!

Aunty Amara good morning, I have been reading people's right ups and your good advice. Maybe God almighty continue to use you and set people free from relationship problems.
I met this guy five years ago and now he promised to see my people by ending of this January but because I asked him to assist me and pay my school fees because my mum has retired from work and dad is late, also things were hard for us now but he told me that he doesn't have money and that was why he was delaying to come and see my people because he knew that I will start disturbing him for school fees, that he will start paying my fees by next year. I want to quit him because ever since we started dating, I can count the number of times he gave me money. Aunty please advise me because I want to quit him.

Relationship is ship of many test, trials and the trips of life and they all reveal the personality of an individual irrespective of how much they've promised or the plans that they have to marry you.
Granted that relationship is not where you go begging to be helped, assisted and appreciated by the person who claims to love you, if your partner is truly in love with you and he knows so well what you are experiencing in your academics and in your family, and he doesn't even care to support you or assist you or encourage you without you deliberately requesting for it, I'm worried about what the "love" stands for and the purpose of such relationship.
I won't tell you what to do but a man who loves you and believes in your personality will not wait to be asked before he supports you nor will he evade from helping you simply because he doesn't want you to be "disturbing" him with your needs.
It sends a picture of a man who may not care about your needs and challenges because they maybe disturbances which he naturally doesn't like.
The choice is yours but I don't know what to make of a relationship if there is no real test and challenges for partners to tackle and find solutions to. Maybe you should consider venturing into some businesses or skills in order to raise some funds for your bills and take care of your needs. Tough times reveal the latest potentials in our lives so do not be discouraged or be depressed by his attitude or the circumstances surrounding your life at the moment because God is at work to perfect that which concerns you.

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