Friday, January 22, 2016

Is He Fooling Me?

I am lady of 28 years old,I have been praying to meet the right husband,I have a good job but most of the men I meet are stingy. I met a man last year November,I found out in December that he had a son of 4 years old and that he was divorced. He just said his wife left him and she is getting married but I don't know what caused the break-up and he doesn't want to open up.
Any time I tell him that I want to come and visit him at his place,he gives me excuses that he stays with his parents for now since he's building his house,which he will soon round up and move into so that he doesn't waste his money on rent,and that he will take me to his house when he is ready to get married to me because he doesn't want to disappoint the parents this time since he has a failed marriage.
We are three months old in the relationship and we've had sex three times,our conversations are sometimes boring,and sometimes he acts nice to me,just that I noticed he's stingy. When I told him I was broke just to test him he didn't even bother helping me at all,instead he told me he was broke to which I knew he's lying because he works with MTN Nigeria, and I know where he works too. I've been praying to God,but something is fishy I don't know why he doesn't want me to come to his house. I don't know if I should have patience with him or break up with him because I need a serious man and I don't need any man to fool me. God bless you ma.

If it is possible for you and convenient for you too, I would suggest that you wear your panties and stop offering sex to him so that you don't let your emotions and the impressive sexual encounter becloud your perception of his personality and his purpose for the relationship.
Since he's a divorcee with a four year old son, it's advisable to make your investigations to find out what lead to the dissolution of the first marriage and also find out more information about his family and his attitude.
Make no assumptions or pretend to be happy when you are sad and angry with some of his attitude. If he's stingy, can you cope with it? If he was a divorcee, why was he hiding his family from you or is he interested in your body while you want more than romping?
You need to open your eyes to prevent the soap from entering your eyes while you are inside an ocean because marriage is a reality show and not a fairy tales of the moonlight.


  1. Some girls can begggg. You just wanted to test him and u asked him for money, he didn't give u and u got angry. That explains how how ugly ur desire for material things are. You have a "very good" job, stay focused and stop begging

    1. Begging ke?from your words. It seems you are the type that won't spend a dime on any woman u date n still expect her to look good.your type always want the best of should cut their coat according to their sizes.if men r looking for a cheap DAT they won't spend a dime on.then they should go n marry a village cargo or desperate sugar mummy.women are special.they need special n attention. Any man DAT can show his lady all these qualities is a real man indeed

  2. My dear, wake up and smell the coffee. If he has a job then he is not staying with his parents. A grown man has every right to entertain guests at his parents home since he's supposedly divorced. That man is so so married and not divorced.

  3. You're not sure of a man but you could open your legs to for 3 good times in three months??
    How cheap does that sound?
    How do you expect him to take you serious when he has seen it all?
    Tell me...
    What could be more intimate than sex?
    It is no different as having sex with a stranger
    I think you are the problem...
    You've been just too loose... also complained that all the men you've dated are stingy..
    And you tested him by asking for money and he said he doesn't have but he works in MTN..
    Please does working in MTN guarantee steady cash flow?
    Did you endeavour to check his account balance to verify your claim? have a lot to work on...
    You are should be wiser..
    Zip up and get serious...
    A man that hides all these from you should not even know the colour of your panties...
    You're only sleeping with a stranger..
    Prostitutes are even smarter cos they collect money from strangers...
    Yours is Osho free...Lol
    Please get serious..
    Don't be cheap..

    1. Come on Joseph? Don't judge. Every one makes mistakes at one point in our lives. Let ur criticisms be constructive not insulting. If she had it all together she wouldn't be here seeking advice. Be nice...

  4. My advice is very simple babe, stop listening to his lies, try to find out more about him, go and investigate him very well, becarful cos once he impregnated you that's end of the story, be warn and be wise

  5. My advice is very simple babe, stop listening to his lies, try to find out more about him, go and investigate him very well, becarful cos once he impregnated you that's end of the story, be warn and be wise

  6. That man is soo not divorced. He is very much a married man who wants to eat his cake and have it. Don't waste your time with him dear, dump his sorry ass asap!

  7. He is already hiding things from u. Candid advice, JUST DELETE HIM FROM UR LIFE. HE IS AN OBSTACLE TO BETTER SUITORS!!!

  8. Hi dear.
    I think everyone on this platform is making some sense! From the person that said you're cheap and the one that said you should be careful. The fact that he has not taken you to his house for once is a warning sign, then secondly, he is not obligated to shower any money on you yet until a probable mutual commitment that you should see coming. And clearly he hasn't done that. No woman wants a divorce from her husband unless they've had enough and are completely frustrated by their behaviour. So ask yourself if you want to pick up where a frustrated woman left off. To a marriage filled and lies and zero commitments. Your job should give you some Joy and contentment while you wait for a reasonable guy to come your way. By God's grace, he will. Take care and God bless you.


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