Thursday, January 21, 2016

He Cancelled our Wedding!

Aunty Amara, thank you for creating time to build people's relationship life.

Am 24 years. Last Saturday, my bride price was paid by a guy whom I saw as a good and decent guy. I agreed to marry him even without dating him.

A day before the bride price, I told him I noticed that my breast discharges milk like fluid which when I visited doctor, said its prolactin whatever *(that's called expressible galactorrhea from hyperprolactinaemia)

After bride prize, this guy told me he wasn't interested in the marriage again, that since my breast discharges that, that he heard I won't be able to conceive and that he doesn't want to risk it and decided to end the marriage. I tried telling him, it was just a minor hormonal imbalance that can be corrected but he refused, saying all sorts of things.

My family has heard this and has told the guy to come take his money. My heart is shattered.

After all my friends and suitors have known that am married, this was what I got.
Please what do I do, my heart is choking.

Let your heart rejoice because God delivered you from the hands of a bouncing baby man who though was financially stable wasn't emotionally prepared and spiritually mature for marriage.
If mere hormonal imbalances hindered him from getting married to you, what would have happened should it be that you were married and after some months you didn't conceive? What do you think that he would have done if you had two girls after your wedding? What do you think would happen if you fell sick or anything, it simply shows that he's not a man who is on earth.
I guess he want to marry a perfect woman and a woman who has no spot or wrinkles and I for one won't blame him or wish him evil but will thank God on your behalf for saving you from a miserable marriage.
You need not be shattered or discouraged, if you ask me, I would say that you were lucky enough and should thank God for using your breast to save your whole body and soul.
You may never understand what I'm talking about but I won't spend much time to explain why. Most times God could use a different approach to save us but for us it's evil, wicked and selfish for him to do such knowing how much we love that and how much we wanted such.
He's still God even when you feel as though he made you feel bad. No baby smiles when the mum is bathing him but the mum knows much more than the baby can possibly understand.
Maybe you should be very grateful for saving you and more careful and discerning when you are in a relationship with a man. Dating is very important for integration, interpersonal understanding, discovery of personalities and discerning of the emotional, spiritual and psychological maturity of an individual before considering marriage.
Do not just rush a man to your family simply because he had enough money to shower around or because he promised marriage.
I pray that God will send the man who will stand by you and appreciate you in good health and in not so great circumstances of life.
Please make out time to thank God for saving you!


  1. Thank God for you,Dear poster.Its obvious you would have married an emotionally unstable person and lived most of your life in are still young and the future is brighter,i believe you will meet someone who will love you better and treat you like a queen.Be careful when making your choice next time.Make sure you date the next person for at least six months,so that you can observe his behaviour and ascertain if he is the one for you.I pray that God will give you the strength to rise up again with your head higher.Goodluck.

  2. Aunty Amara! I love the response and advice u gave to her. I pray she heeds to it and bounce back. Some gossip one week, big one one month. After all its ur life. If that same marriage didn't favour u along line maybe after the wedding people will still talk. Do ur self a favour by taking aunty 's advice. Thank God for ur life. God loves u.

  3. I had my intoduction fixed and the whole faily got involved. The day my extended family got involved, the guy cancelled it. He gave flimsy excuse that I cheated but was and will never be true. My cousin rushed in, they wedded some months after. The marriage lasted for 3weeks. God used the flimsy excuse to remove me from eterna torture. I would have been divorced. God forbid I fail. Sister, thank God. He just saved you.

  4. My dear, just go somewhere and begin to shower praises to Him who knows your end from the beginning! Try and meet a good gynecologist, tell him your experience and he will refer you for a prolactin level test, after which he will give you a suitable drugs to reduce it, it's not a death sentence and it's not a deadly disease, you will have your kids, and don't allow anybody to reduce you to zero because of marriage. Don't even cry cos you did not loose anything!


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