Sunday, January 3, 2016

He Doesn't Talk to Me Anymore!

Good day ma, please Anuty Amara I have a very serious problem which I don't know how to handle it.
Am 21 years old, there is this guy I met on this group WhatsApp chat. We chatted for that new time we met and he asked me some questions like my name, where am from if am a student and so many things, which I answered him,so as time went on we started introducing some things about ourselves before I now decided to stop chatting with him for sometimes because I thought he will be thinking that am desperate for him because he was living at Thailand.
So he now asked me my reasons of not chatting with him for a while,I kept silent on him before he now continued sending messages to me, even called me through WhatsApp calls before I now changed my mind and started chatting with him again. He began to tell me of some certain things about him and that he wished to marry and loves me,he also told me that he has a girlfriend over there as in a white Thailand girlfriend, but the friendship was because of friendship sake and because of where he found himself.
He said to have me was very important to him because he wanted to come back last year and marry me because he has wished to have his own children with an Igbo girl because he is from Anambra state. He also asked for the pictures of my body both in and out which I refused and because of his pleading I later sent my body pictures to him both in and out which he said it will make him happy.
Our friendship was okay to the extent he helped me in getting admission in his hometown before Jamb now gave me admission. Surprisingly no call though he has not for a day called me direct ,we only speak to ourselves on WhatsApp ,no chat, no anything from him even though I try calling,he will busy it.
Please ma Amara am just totally confused. I really need your help.

For all you care to know, you maybe chatting with a married man or a diabolic man whose purpose or intention is to obtain your naked pictures and you succeeded in reducing your value and self esteem all because he told you about Thailand girlfriend and experience.
Please use this new year to purge yourself of all the mess and errors you made in the past. No matter how much a man proclaims to love you or how much he has promised you or whatever you have benefitted from him or for him, please do not give out your nakedness to anyone not even if he promised you marriage.
There are some websites that all they have is the naked pictures of innocent and naive individuals and you don't want your identity to be tarnished with such careless decision.
If you would listen, kindly block him and desist from communicating with him.
When you meet anyone online, request to meet with such an individual before defining such a relationship. Be wise and be ware for your own safety and security.


  1. Don't just know when some ladies will begin to reason with their brain. How can you send a complete stranger your nude pictures???even if the person is your boyfriend. No one I repeat no one has the right to ask you to send your nude pictures through phone or via any other media. Is only a sick person that can request for nude pictures. May God shield us from evil....Amen.

  2. And she is just 21. pathetic

  3. It's ungodly and indecent to send any one a picture of your naked body. It's very very wrong.


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