Sunday, January 3, 2016

How Do I Deal with my Weaknesses?

Hi Mrs. Van-Lare, wishing you and your fans a prosperous New Year. As a fortunate 24-year-old young man born of Igbos, who actually have many goals in life, but have been unable to achieve most of them, not because the money isn't there, but due to mundane life. I have sworn not to continue with such in this 2016.
Aunt, as you already know, this is the third time am publishing some of difficulties facing me as a young man, in this sensational page of yours.
Without being deceptive, I'll need your and your solomonic fans to kindly guide and earnestly pray on my behalf as well. I have three major problems that I think could ruin a man's life, no matter how affluent the man may be, which I do not intend to go into this 2016 with.
1. Am too libidinous, that I can't be able to overcome sexual challenges whenever my feelings is aroused though, I know there are many men out there who can't be able to abstain from sexual activities as many days as I could, which is sometimes three or four weeks, but am still not pleased with it because I ostensibly know I could decisively do better as I actually mean to give my life to Christ, but will always be overwhelmed whenever I have the urge. I wouldn't mind to keep aside an essential thing I had planned to do with money, just to hangout with my girlfriend and lavish the money. I have a serious partying problem that, I have tried all I could to do away with it, but to no avail. I can do anything just to have sex whenever I have the urge otherwise I won't have peace of mind nor sleep that day in fact, I would be feeling as though I would lose my life if failed to have it and will immediately bewail it as well. I'm not only uncomfortable with the situation because of God, but also the money I lavish in the cause of trying to get my woman pleased. I love having fun with women to the extent that I and my buddies would sometimes plan a trip from the State where we stay in the US., to Miami FL and other States too, just for fun and this is never the type of life I meant to live as someone who was religiously raised. I have uncountablly prayed to God to save me from this sins of the flesh, but to no avail.
2. I easily fall in love with women I find beautiful (even though I know it's wrong because a man ought not to love a woman because she's beautiful) so, am really not comfortable with it, but can't help it.
This has been my main problem right from when I knew women. I easily go crazy for a woman I have found beautiful and wouldn't mind how bad their behaviors are or what it will cost me to have them. I really do not know what to do to rescue myself from this bondage.
3. I love playing gamble specifically called "Casino" in Spanish and have only won twice which were the first and second day I began to play it, but has been losing thousands of dollars in the cause of trying to recover the ones I earlier lost. I have been addicted to it to an extent I have seldom drove to a State in Canada just to play it as I received my pay-checks. Sometimes I wonder if all these things stated above, are happening to me ordinarily.
However, here goes my humble question: what precisely should I do to abolish all this my shortcoming stated above??? I would be looking forward to reading your responses. I'm sorry for the lengthy sentence. Much love to you all.

Your challenges are not peculiar to you alone. It's a reflection of a miserable life that is being manipulated by the devil. He gives you momentary pleasure and steals your eternal peace of mind and your funds. The devil convinces you to pursue every beautiful lady only to find out how empty and emotionally drained as a result of all you have lost to devil. 
Think about it, those thousands of dollars that you waste within some minutes to satisfy the lust of the flesh could have been invested in businesses, established some individuals who are looking for soft loans to start up anything but they all got burnt into the laps of a woman and what did you gain? Her vagina and possibly some infections. 
The devil is a terrible loser and in 2016, he shall not waste your strength and your destiny in Jesus name Amen. 
What you need that has the capacity to fix every challenges and desires of your body is Jesus Christ. 
He yearns to dine with you and give you true fulfilment in life. He want to help you save your resources and give you wisdom to make wealth instead of gambling. He understands that you desire sex and he has made divine provision for your life and is longing to get close to you to help you rediscover your purpose and passion in life. 
When you allow the desires of your body to consume you, you will be chasing God far away from you and I am yet to see anyone who who chose to lead himself that never crashed along the way. 
Please decide in your heart to receive Jesus Christ in your life, that would be the greatest decision you ever made in your lifetime and it will save you so much stress and cash too. 
There is one thing being trained by a Christian parents and to rediscover Jesus yourself and have a personal relationship with Him. 
When you embrace Jesus Christ into your life and allow him to guide you by his word, then attend a Bible believing church in your area, and make a deliberate decision to walk in obedience to the word of God, you will realise that you won't struggle to say no to pursuing strange women for sex or discipline your penis not to crave for sex. 
Until you have accepted him in your life,every efforts or steps anyone may offer to you will be a waste of energy because they won't settle if your heart is not regenerated by the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ. 
Please do not hesitate to make this decision today because you need him much more than the air you breathe. 
When you have surrendered your life, you will realise that you cannot continue to sleep around instead you would choose to get married to your wife and enjoy the fulfilling sex with your wife, any time, and at every moment of your life. Instead of preaching to win a girl for a night out, you would decide to preach to win souls for Jesus Christ and invest in your future. 
You will automatically lose your desire for a filthy life and begin to live a purposeful life. 
Because of your decision, your friends may not be comfortable with your new lifestyle and you will either choose to sacrifice your friends for the sake of the gospel or to return back to your old lifestyle. 
But bear it in mind that for you to make progress in 2016 you must make some painful sacrifices, let go of some friends who lure you into living a miserable life. 
You see gambling is always promising but very very addictive and the painful part of gambling is that it never tells you the deception behind every game you play and what you stand to lose should you not win the game. 
Instead being idle or engaging into travelling to areas where you do not have any purpose to achieve there, spend some time to meditate on God's word, and allow the Holy spirit to reveal his word for you. 
That you became born again doesn't mean that everything will start working but you will have to discipline your appetite, choose not to sleep around and save your money for the future and for investment but giving your life to Christ and studying God's word with prayers will greatly be of great help to you and your destiny. 
I pray that in 2016 you shall not be a waste to yourself, your family and your children and your generation in Jesus name Amen. 
We can discuss further on this and work out what l can do to support you to overcome your weaknesses in life.


  1. If any man is in Christ...
    He becomes a new creature...
    Old things are passed away...
    And behold...alll things become new...
    Dear poster..
    The only way to being a new man is the way that leads to Jesus Christ...
    Sounds outdated and boring ryt? Probably you must have heard this countless times...
    But it remains the only way out..

    Having a high libido is a good thing..
    The inability to control it is a problem
    Admiring a beautiful woman is good...
    Looking upon her lustfully is a problem
    Having money is a blessing...
    Spending it unwisely is a problem
    Seek the face of God bro..
    Let him know You're tired of living this way..
    It might seem difficult to change..
    But it takes the grace of God to quit certain habits and addictions..
    I pray for you man..
    God will help you...
    Stop holding on...
    Just be held..



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