Sunday, January 3, 2016

He Seems Confused!

Aunty am 25 years dating a guy of 33 but it seems he is confused and doesn't really know what he wants. Have dated him for like eleven months now but can't even define our relationship.
Each time I asked him for me to know my stand, he keeps telling me he likes me so much that am the best girl ever in his life. But I should not put much expectations in our relationship.
And am already in love with him and he is the only guy in my life. I don't double date, always he is confused that if it's the will of God for us to be together so be it.
So can one know the will of God and one who is meant for you. Lately he asked me to give him a break that we can still be friends. That am free to call any time I want to.
Aunty please what advice do you have for me?

Roll up your love for him, dust off every trace of him in your life, both future and present and move on bouncing and dancing in gratitude that you have just been rescued from wasting your time in the hands of an admirer which you thought was in love with you.
Let me help you understand the difference between admirers and men who want a serious relationship with a lady.
Admirers will always compliment and appreciate your personality "in their lips" always remember that but they never seem to be certain of anything, not even what attracted them to you.
But men who want a serious relationship with you doesn't stop in complimenting you, they seem to always choke you with so much attention,they are busy looking for ways to tag along with you, get you introduced to everyone and then they always seem to be talking about marriage when you can't even figure out where he came from.
When a man is so laid back and seems to be saying that you are the best but you can decide what you want to do, then you don't need any prayer point or any prophet to tell you what to do.
This is new year, and my prayers is that every time wasters surrounding you like a house fly be dispersed by your vision.
Please do not waste your life waiting for an admirer who maybe engaged to another lady.. Lol you sure don't deserve such at all.


  1. Haba my sister, the handwriting on the wall is clear na...He has spoken in parables and clear English that he is not interested in a future with you and you are still asking for interpretation/translation / revelation. Kindly adhere to Madam AVL's counsel ooo.

  2. PS: He is not confused. You appear to be the confused party here. (Sorry, no offence intended).


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