Sunday, January 3, 2016

I Can't Tell What He's Up To!

Aunty Amara compliments of the season..I really do appreciate!!
Aunty I have been dating this guy since my third year in school and am actually serving now.
He's a very nice guy, caring and most of all gentle, I love him so much and I know he does too but he has never mentioned anything about marriage and I don't no how to go about it...
Please I need your advice!!

How to go about it is simple, send him a beautiful new year prayers and include that any canker worm or devourer or anything that will waste his time and his destiny be crushed down in Jesus name.
Then tomorrow evening, call him and tell him that you have been worried about this lovely love poem he has been writing with you and that you are not certain that you know how the story will end or what may possibly be the next scene.
That could he really help you to figure out what you may not be able to figure out on your own.
If he's still not getting the message, then you may share this with him to read or go straight to the point by asking him what's his vision and plans for the relationship.
You see, it's not a sin or a crime for a lady to ask questions about the future of a relationship, it doesn't make you desperate, in fact it helps you to put things in the right perspective and put your emotions in check. If he's still enjoying the friendship, you need not disturb his peace or discourage him but kindly stop putting him in your future and open the doors of your heart for the man who desires a relationship to come in.
You must take charge of your heart and the decisions you make to avoid time wasters and those who are hanging around simply to distract you from achieving your purpose on earth.
If a relationship is not defined, the purpose of such relationship is defeated and I don't suggest that anyone should enter a vehicle without knowing the destination of such a vehicle. Same applies when it comes to relationship.

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