Saturday, January 23, 2016

He's Bent on Destroying Me!

Good morning ma'am. Happy new year. I like what you're doing here. God bless you. You posted my story on Sunday 15th November 2015 ..... Read :How Will it be When I'm Married?
Now I've moved on, packed out when he wasnt around to avoid drama because he beats me and I packed only my things. He said I should return things he bought for me things he collected before and still returned them pleading. I told him I won't collect things I bought for him it's for friendship . He threatened me to destroy my life and image.
Now he has been chatting my friends telling them all sorts of lies... He posts all sorts of things on my wall... He is so much into destroying me because I told him I don't want anymore. Before I packed he asked me three times if am not interested again I said yes. He broke my sims and tore my Ecowas passport. The bottom line is that I have moved on but he doesn't want to let me be....
Trying to know where I am and I told him he won't see me again. Please what do I do to make him stop what he is doing.... I don't love him anymore but he has to stop painting me black.

Please encourage him to read what I'm about to tell you now. 
Inform him officially that relationship is over and as such you will not condone any attempt or anyone that will either harass you or be a threat to your peace of mind and your security as an individual irrespective of whatever it is he feels like or he thinks of himself. 
Any other attempt to either ridicule your image or send hopeless messages to your inbox as a text message or to your Facebook account or in any manner, please gather all those evidences and make an official report to the security services which includes the police and the army where  he must be compelled to sign an undertaken to that effect in a competent court of jurisdiction. 
No you cannot accept such a hopeless attitude in the name of relationship nor should you continue to manage his childishness or emotional immaturity with levity. You have the right to decide who to date and when to bid him goodbye if you are no longer comfortable with his attitude towards you. 
Please do not keep quiet over this but give me an update on this as soon as possible.
What a nonsense! 


  1. Deactivate d Facebook account for now. It will be the same when u later activate it.

  2. Deactivate d Facebook account for now. It will be the same when u later activate it.

  3. Block the hell out of him!


  4. pls i will also advice u delete ur facebook account for now and any social media u are on and do the things aunty amara ask u to do

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