Wednesday, January 6, 2016

His Siblings Convinced Him not to Marry Me!

Good evening ma,I am a lady of 27 years,have a four years old boy living with his father. Since conception,wine carrying,introduction and collection of marriage list was done when I was pregnant,but due to financial difficulties he couldn't pay my bride prize. Have been in a good relationship with his siblings,mum,dad.
My Major prayer point has been for his financial breakthrough and God has done it. My boyfriend wanted to come and fulfill my marital rites now,but his siblings said no,that my late dad insulted them that they were poor. They have convinced him to leave me,he has left the house,packing all his belongings out,leaving me and his son,telling me he can't go on with the marriage,that his people said no.
His sisters connected him to a lady based in London. Ma ,my spirit is weak,I have been pleasing my boyfriend's siblings all these years,I have served them like a daughter,a sister. Am confused,I have been parading myself as a married lady. I have turned down abroad suitors for this guy. Where do I go from here?

Don't go abroad but seek help from above. You cannot force him to marry you if he feels that you are no longer good enough for him and he wishes to marry another lady irrespective of the excuses and whatever explanations he may use to defend himself.
Return back home with your son and take good care of him. You don't need to give so much explanations or try to lose hope or confidence in your personality.
If God be on the throne, if he be the one who has made you and has been with you all these while, then you don't need to give up on God when you can worship Him for who He is and for what he can do in your life.
This could be God's way of saving you from what could have been a marital disaster should you have gotten married to him earlier than now.
God is not done creating handsome, Godly and responsible men who understands God's purpose for marriage and relationship.
Please hold unto him and allow him to guide your footsteps to your own miracle.


  1. Aunty Amy tganks for your wonderful output,poster take heed.

  2. Aunty Amy tganks for your wonderful output,poster take heed.


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