Wednesday, January 6, 2016

This Relationship is No Longer Healthy!

Good evening ma, I must say that you have been a blessing to this generation. please ma I have an issue that I need your advice on.
Am a guy of 28 years and in a relationship with a lady of 23 years. We meet on Facebook and started dating, we are now one year and two months and we meet last month 19th December when I went home for course break. We were so much in love when we started but along the line she changed which I always complained but she always promised to change and she will change for a few days and go back to her normal self.
When we met, she was with my phone all through and asked me a few questions about my female friends which I explained to her but I noticed that she doesn't pick her calls and rejects some when we are together which made me to go through her phone. I noticed that she flex a lot with guys who she told me that they were her friends and chats that were not normal chats like 'if you no all parts of my body, you will see that everything is intact because I can't sleep with two men at the same time' and 'why will I have another guy when you satisfied me sexually and materially'.
When I asked her about it, she said its a normal chat which to me is not normal because I can't chat that way. Ma, I want to end the relationship because I know its not healthy for me. Please what should I do. Thanks ma

You are taking the right decision on that because those chats were not normal and from her attitude it's pretty obvious that she doesn't love you just pitying the fact that you have come this far to show her how much you love her.
She may also not be proud of you because you met her through Facebook and as a result is doing you a favour but that's her own headache to deal with.
Bid her goodbye and go for a lady who is emotionally stable and prepared for the kind of relationship that you crave for.
This year shall not be a year where you are treated like you were an accident to be tolerated when you could be appreciated and celebrated by another lady who understands your value and is willing to grow in love with you.

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