Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Should I Accept Her or Quit the Relationship?

Good evening ma::I urgently need help to make a decision concerning this; We've (I and girlfriend )been dating for some time now. And each time we were chatting she'd constantly ask me "how is my girlfriend".and I'd always tell her, I don't have any other girl. After some months( things were going smoothly).. She came up with the question again, and I replied "my girlfriend is always asking,how is my girlfriend". She now responded and said, I hope you are not referring to me. I replied and said."Sure, you are the one"..she then said "okay".
I was thinking she was trying to know if I really got a side piece . I paused for a while and asked her" how's your boyfriend, she replied "he's fine"..I then said okay. And went offline. I later came back to see the message from her asking" guess who he's", I told her how'd I know. She now said "he's my brother". That was when everything got on my nerves, but I pretended and sent her "lol okay" and she replied "lol"..
She then asked..why was I single. And then decided to tell her about a girl I met in the hospital we had surgery same, she recovered before me and was quite kind, she schools abroad and comes back once in a while, and yeah we were friends but I would not let us go into any strong relationship. But I kept that from her because there's no need telling her. The next day I called her and asked her, why she would suddenly pop up that way. She told me that she prefer my bro to me.
But obviously, I knew she was in love with me, and I guess she was in dilemma or something. So I said, she could date any other person out there, but it ain't got to be my bro. The conversation went on..and I gave up, telling her. She can go ahead dating my bro. And I'm deleting her number off my phone.
She then started saying she was only joking....The next day she called and asked me for forgiveness that she was only joking again that I misunderstood her and took everything serious.. I then said okay are forgiven. She then replied by saying but she's going to delete my number and my brother's number too so she could move on. I asked why but she wouldn't give me any reasonable response.
After sometime I also felt the urge to call back and say sorry for misunderstanding, even though the joke was quite expensive to buy, but she insisted she'd think about it. Now I don't want to be the fool in the game, and want nothing to come in between me and my bro.
She'll be back soon from Christmas holiday for us to meet and talk physically about it. Now I don't know if I should accept her back or end everything peacefully and let her go....but I still find it difficult to let go.

It's more painful that two adults who should be honest and real with each other were busy playing games with their emotions.
I found the chat a bit childish, provoking and sincerely without any purpose or direction for individuals who have a purpose to fulfill or a vision for their life.
If she's truly in love with your brother, let her come out in the open, in fact for the fact that she had such a thought indicates a lady who is playing with your emotions, comparing you with another and childish to be in a relationship.
Meet her and sit her down so that you can set the records straight with her. When adults are in a relationship, wisdom demands for sincere and genuine commitment and responsibility to the relationship and not to be asking how was your girlfriend and who is your boyfriend.
Use this new year to set your relationship records straight and begin on a better note, if she wants to move on, kindly give her a transport fare and bid her goodbye till Jesus comes. You don't need a partner who doesn't even have any respect for your personality or regards for your emotions.
It may be painful in the beginning but trust me, God is already preparing a better partner for you the moment you decide to trust God completely for your partner.

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