Thursday, January 7, 2016

I'm Scared my Mum Won't Accept Him!

Ma happy new year. Am a girl of 22 years old, am a graduate now in a relationship but am confused. The guy we love each other so much in fact he loves me more and have practically been there for me in my last days in school.
Now the problem is his first wife left him after having a baby girl for him and since then he knows nothing about her again. On my own part I really want to marry early but the thing is that he does not even talk about that. He is just so cold towards marriage and I really don't want to talk anything about it so it won't look like a force to him and talking of my parents, am scared my mum won't agree cos of his past marital affair but ma seriously he is the only guy that makes me happy he loves me to the core.
Please how do I handle this thanks.

No matter where a wife may run to or how hidden she maybe, she has a family and a root in life.
If he is not divorced from his wife and has not requested for his dowry, he's still married and you know my stand on that.
Every man or lady who is married is under a divine covenant with God and you don't want to be a third party to their marriage.
He may admire you and love you but have it at the back of your mind that he's a married man under God. I may not know where the wife is but if your partner is serious about getting to the root of the matter, he knows what to do.
Kindly steer clear from him and allow him to decide what to do with his life. There is nothing wrong with your wishes, kindly submit your wish to God's will and you will live to celebrate for the rest of your life.

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