Monday, January 4, 2016

I Don't Love Anymore!

Good day everyone, ma please I need your advice.... Am a 22 years old girl, a final year student of my state university. Ma,I had a relationship some years back,and I so much loved this guy then... So when we broke up finally I cried and said to myself that I would not love any guy this much again..
Ma since then my life changed... I don't seems to love any guy for love again, I easily get tired of them and look for little excuse to break up, my friends also complained that I don't last with a guy and I was not like this but after my first encounter it changed, and I have not slept with any of them I do feel irritated..
Presently am dating a guy for over eight months now, I don't ask him for my needs cos he is also a student.... I hardly visit him but I call so often and he calls too.... I don't know what's wrong with me...I need advice..

There is so much power in a spoken word, always bear that in mind. Your tongue is as close to your destiny as your head is close to your body. 
I know how pained you must have felt to have said what you said but unfortunately you forgot that, loving is only but a divine privilege that is made possible only by God. 
Having a heart to love is not a right, it's a gift and it's only those who have such a precious and a priceless gift that can love and give their heart to love selflessly. 
So if loving is a precious gift from God, it then means that even if a man abuses the privilege to love and appreciate him, you cannot decide to hurt others just because one man made a mess of your sacrifice, that would be living in your past and punishing yourself unfairly. 
You need to forgive your ex and release him from your heart so that you don't allow him to keep you in your past and close your eyes from meeting your husband because of him. 
Ask God to give you the grace to forgive him and afterwards please forgive him and then open your mouth and confess that by the grace of God that nothing shall stop you from loving humanity even when they don't appreciate my love or reciprocate with such kindness. 
Choose to give love irrespective of their shortcomings and limitations as humans. Loving makes you more beautiful, adds more value to you and makes you very powerful and influential as an individual so why would you want anyone make you feel miserable and irritating simply because thy do not have the heart of love as you do? 
I doubt if you understand what you are giving away because of one individual somewhere else. 
Learn from your past relationship but please do not let your past experience hinder you from living, loving and learning how to love much more than you can possibly desire in life. 
Did I hear you say that you don't have sex because it irritates you? 
Well sex is not irritating and your vagina is not ugly but please do not engage in sex just because someone claimed to be in love with you but I will suggest you keep yourself for your husband because your body belongs to God and your husband. 
Let this year be a year of a beautiful heart and loving soul and decide to live loving and you will love living.

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