Monday, January 4, 2016

Should a Lady Fight Back When Beaten?

Good morning ma, am always on your page reading all your advice and counselling and I always gain from them and I pray that God will continue to strengthen you for this great work.
I have a question which I need clarity on. My question is; Is it wrong for a woman to retaliate when a man always batter her with so much beating and hitting?
Because I have come to understand that when a man hits a woman and she fights back by hitting him back or destroying his properties, people do term her as a wicked and mannerless person with so many other names.
Please, I would want you to lecture me more on that and hope to hear from you soon because I have grown with that mentality to fight back especially when I know am not at fault. Thanks.

Let's assume that you decided to fight back and unfortunately you killed the other person, what do you think will happen to you? But you never wanted to kill him or her anyways.
You see we all are fighting a battle but many people do not understand who we are fighting against, they think that it's their partner or their neighbours or colleagues or friends and the list goes on.
But in reality we are all fighting one enemy the devil and he can take different form, shades and kinds with one purpose, to kill, steal and to destroy.
Once you lose sight of this, you are bound to make mistakes trying to fight back.
What do we really gain fighting back? Regrets.
Most times the person we were fighting is so weak and vulnerable only that we thought that they were so strong and powerful forgetting that just a little anger and pride and the devil will take advantage of such and destroy everything.
Our only right in life is in Christ Jesus, every other thing is only but a gift even when we are right have the right to fight back.
Instead of having a fighting mentality, I would rather suggest that you have a prayer mentality and a humble and forgiving, mentality. Decide not to destroy his properties or beat him for what he did or how he hurt him but go down on your knees and call on Jesus who is always available and ever ready to help and support you.
When you are tempted to fight back, take a walk and seek God's help. I know that anger can take a better part of you at that moment but always remember that you cannot please God when you take any action in anger.
Fighting those who hurt you cannot heal you of the pains and disappointment of their attitude, the only thing that does is forgiveness, so why should we go for what leaves us with many regrets when we could go for a total healing and divine restoration that comes with forgiveness to those who hurt or offended you.
And as a child of God and a woman of virtue, I don't think that it's the best approach to such and you can only pray that you are not confronted by such but if it persists, all you can do is take a walk and seek for reconsideration and reconciliation.

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  1. I think that you should consider not only your mentality but another people too. this article will help you to understand and to know many things! Good luck!


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