Saturday, January 30, 2016

I Waited for Nothing!

More grace to you and your family. l am acknowledging you because you have been a source of hope to many families and relationship through your words of advise, honestly ma you gave me reasons to mingle again. Ma I had a little issue at hand which I need you advise and that of your fans thanks.
I meet one guy in Facebook and the guy gave me reasons to live again after my experience in my past affair. He asked me to go and meet his mother and I refused and told him to come back first.
So I told him everything about my past relationship. The second guy was a jealous type,because of him I don't give guys chance anymore. To cut the long story short,he came back last December though he promised to marry me o. He came back to OWERRI and invited me in his hotel room which I refused so out of annoyance I insulted him.
So over one week, he did not call me,I started begging him to forgive me which he later did. So he came over to my house and picked me that evening and we went to his village that night, I met his brother and father. He had sex with me without condom and I asked him why, he said that he trusted me. So the second day time, I went to their house he hide me saying that he will soon do proper introduction. So I was in my menses this guy doesn't mind the flow he still suck me and had sex again.
Before then he promised to travel to my village and meet my people and my in law who always travelled to Malaysia to buy goods. Then said that he wanted to meet that my inlaw to do business with him. So that morning he woke up with one excuse that he can't drive far. He later called my people and pleaded with her. Later he went to Owerri for his project there in fact everything he does he always told me. He called me last week Wednesday to come to Owerri and I went not knowing that he has been drinking and smoking since morning.
So after everything we went to bed this guy bed wet and wake me up. So in the morning he took my phone and went down where he stays,he searched my phone.

That he wanted to be sure that I don't cheat on him. But before then he posted one picture with a lady where they were on uniform I asked him,he said that the lady was just a friend,that the lady sew the cloth for him while he was in Malaysia and the lady lived in Lagos. So he asked if he should remove the picture I said no. He said that he was not married.
All these while he doesn't leave his phone unlocked. He gave me his phone not knowing that he didn't lock it. I went through his WhatsApp chat but before then someone called him which he stored baby,so that morning I asked him who was the baby he said his sister. So when I opened his WhatsApp I went straight to that baby to my greatest surprise it was a lady who was carrying his unborn baby which was the same lady on uniform with him.
I travelled back to school and asked him about that,he said he doesn't understand what I meant by the lady was carrying his unborn baby. He said that I have gotten what I wanted from him which was( laptop) that I can tell him whatever I want thanks. I asked him was laptop better than my joy? Since then he called me but I refused to pick.
Please ma my heart is broken because I waited for nothing. What do I do? Sorry for the long story thanks.

The painful thing about your experience was that the signs that this man was a player who specialised in harvesting innocent girls on Facebook and other social media and sleeping with them in his hotel room, "village settings" with a promise of marriage were littered all around him but you chose to trade your integrity for what again? Marriage or laptop? 
It hurts me because I always preach this and sing it like a song but sometimes I sound like I'm rigid and not trendy. 
You don't swallow a marriage bait simply because he sounded so nice with it or because he promised you how he will introduce you to God and seek approval from the devil. 
Anyways, the lesson has been learnt and the decision of how to treat yourself is at your own discretion. 
He's a player or a married man or an irresponsible man whose sole purpose was to have sex with you as many times as possible before dumping you with one excuse or the other. 
Organise yourself, pick up the broken pieces of your heart and face your studies. There's no need to continue waiting for him because there's no future in this business arrangements. 
I hope that you won't jump into anyone who promises you marriage and then open your legs to show him how much he loves you even when you have no idea who he is or what his intentions are in the relationship. 
I pray that God will console you and give you the spirit of discernment to know the difference between a player and a man of purpose. 


  1. Lol@So I was in my menses this guy doesn't mind the flow he still suck me and had sex again. So bcos he sucked you made love to you in ur period means he loves u? Some girls deserves dirty slap mtcheeeeeew

    1. In fact,you just said my mind. The thing tire person.

    2. In fact,you just said my mind. The thing tire person.

    3. Lol abeg I don hiss tire here, the guy suck u and fuck u under ur period that means he is in love. Na wa oooooo

  2. @ugonna maybe dem never suck her before and they will all come to the forum and start forming innocence that the most annoying thing. You just met him he took you to hotel room fuck you then took you to his village fuck you again within a few days he has banged left right and centre. Sorry for all you stupid girls.

  3. Pls ooo d writer hw old are you pls? Cos u can see d hand written on the wall u still think he loves u? Sori go wt ur lfy

  4. 1. Whoever presents his own head to break coconut would not be able to partake in the eating. My dear writer, I don't want to believe ur ignorant that this guy is just an asshole. May be u jst wanted him to 4uk u dats all. 

    2. If‎ something that was going to chop off ur head, ended up knocking off ur cap u should be gr8full. U should be thank4ul ur still alive but  u need to go 4 a test cos any one dat can suck/4uk u during ur menses it's jst an animal. Go 4 HIV test.

    3. When a girl has beauty without brains, the private part suffers the most. He told u that u have gotten what u wanted! To me I don't see it that he was reffering to laptop but he was indirectly telling u that u have gotten the 4uk u deserve. Just go to any mature person and beg him/her to give u 10 dirty slap 4 ur stupidity or if there is no one to slap u, u can starve yourself 4 1month(6 X 6) cos if I'm close to u nw, I will simply send u to prison 4 13days. 

  5. The sucking her on her period sounds somehow. How would someone do that? I think he used her for ritual purposes

    1. My dear it only goes to show he is a nympho and has no control. Eewww

  6. Go check ur self for pregnancy and. HIV test,Gosh how will u allow a facebook guy have Sex with u without A that u have. A laptop guess u can brag with ur friend

  7. A stranger fuck you without condom because he trust you. What about you do you trust him, is like once girls here I will marry you una go open una toto. You better go do test on urself. Just saying it as it is

  8. Kai..nne. Owerri girls are sharp but u be reaaaaal otondo. He slept with u same day and.licks ur menses...geez. Did he force u???!!!
    Owerri boys and others are ritualists nah. Are u high on something.
    Berra' go for deliverance and pray u have not 'received' HIV from him.
    I am sure he is on his next stupid victim now.


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