Saturday, January 9, 2016

Is it Godly to Have Sex during Fasting?

Good morning Mrs Van-Lare,compliments of the season. I have a little question to ask. Please is it Godly to have sex with your partner(married) while fasting?

In your marriage, your husband is your head and the first authority you must not fail to honour and meet his needs. If your church gives a direction to fast but your husband has the urge for sex, please do not play with the sexual desire of your husband by trying to religiously deny him of his sexual fulfilment in marriage. 
Meet his need and continue with your fast to help him stand and be faithful to his ministry. It is good to fast and discipline your body but never at the expense of your marriage. 
Maybe I should say it as it is, it's not only men who have sexual craving, women also have sexual cravings and deserves equal sexual fulfilment and need as couples. 
The Bible said that at the point of exchanging the marital vows, you lost the right to your body and by the virtue of marriage, your body in its entirety belongs to your partner so it's both Godly, legitimate and honourable for you to have sexual intimacy with your husband while you are fasting.
There is a recreation and unique transfer of sexual rights at the alter and this is why you are under God accountable to your partner on how you make use of your private sector. This is also why it is abominable for any partner to cheat on the other for whatsoever reasons. 
So please do not deprive your husband of sex because you are fasting except you both agreed to fast together for the period of time. 
Let me explain, if you are your partner agreed to fast from 6am to 6pm for thirty days, it means that after breaking the fast at 6pm,you and your partner can enjoy sex from 6pm to 6am before the fasting begins again. But if you and your partner agrees to have a dry fast in which case there is no food involved, you and your partner may not have sex during those period of time. However if during your fast, your partner could not continue with the fast because of his or her sexual need, the other partner will have to suspend the fast and satisfy the need of his or her own partner. By inference it means that as couples you do not have the authority to begin a fast WITHOUT coming to an  agreement with your partner before commencing the fast. You owe your partner the total accountability of your body. 
Even if his strength couldn't carry him through the agreed period, kindly offer him sex to help him stand and to kick the devil out of your marriage. You may also read this article (Here)!


  1. I think I have contrary view to Aunty amara'$ view on this
    it will be good if sex is hibernated at this period

    1. Exactly,you're on point bro.

    2. Exactly,you're on point bro.

    3. Gbenga and Esther, are you guys married? Is it what you pastor or priest told you? Do you have any prove like Aunty Amara did give?

  2. The person asking this question should read his or her bible, every question you guys run to aunty amara as if she is not a human, so when it backfires you would blame it on her, guys start praying well all serve same God. Ask for wisdom if you lack.

  3. In islam,it is permissible for partner to seek the consent of his partner before she embark on any fast apart from the composry Ramadan fast.else she shouldn't fast without the permission of his husband during ramadan. both parner can perform their duty


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