Saturday, January 16, 2016

Is it Safe to Have a Video Sex?

Good evening MA, may the anointing of God in your life never run dry,
Please ma, I will like to share my story on your page, because I need advice fast before I lose my husband.
I met my husband five years ago, we dated for three years and got married two years ago, God blessed our marriage with a very cute baby boy, my husband is a great man, his patience, caring, loving and above all he never cheat, how do I know? He never gives me reason to doubt his faithfulness from day one, but right now am scared of making the biggest mistake of my life.
He travelled out of the country for a particular course seven months ago, we talk every single day, we do video chatting and play with his kid, he always tell me how girls are disturbing him, and how much they compliment him, He's REALLY CUTE but he always tell me that he will never cheat on me ever, but two months back he started complaining about wanting to have video sex with me, I told him I don't like the idea based on the fact that it not okay for his health and it a sin against God, he let it go for a while but now his back to it again, he sound so bad this time around and told me if I don't do it then he will cheat cos he can't control himself anymore. Am not selfish, and I will do anything for my husband but I want to know if it okay for his health and not against God. Please Ma your advice is urgently needed to save my marriage. Thank you and God bless

Whichever way you and your husband chooses to meet the sexual needs of each other is never a sin to God nor is it harmful to his health because you and your husband is one and sexual intimacy is your inheritance and not a stolen treasure. 
However, because of security concerns that comes with video sex and the possibility of such a document being leaked to the world, it is not advisable for couples to use social media to make love to each other. 
Let him know that video sex is simply not safe because there is every possibility that someone may have access to the video and leak it in the public which will destroy the image of you and your husband as porn stars. 
If the tension and pressure is so much for him to endure, the best alternative would be to get a ticket for you and your son and visit him so that you and your husband can enjoy sex to the fullest. He may also consider coming back for a short period of time and returning back if he has the funds. 
I understand how you feel and it's wise you let him know that you are also burning with passion to be with him so that he doesn't feel as though you are getting anything anywhere else. 
If he chooses to cheat, it's not necessarily because you didn't give him a video sex but because he has nurtured it in his heart and have found it attractive enough to indulge in it. 
Cheer him up, praise him, celebrate him, and let him know how much you miss him and desire to be with him but you will do anything within your power to support him. 
Video sex can reveal your privacy to the world which is the major reason why you should help him understand that it's about the image of your marriage and not that you don't feel his pains. 


  1. Hmmmm..
    But how will a sex video chat help to calm his libido?
    Don't you think it will fuel his urge even more?
    I'm just asking..
    When a hungry man perceives the aroma of food, the hunger intensifies..

    Also...viewing it from the way he's threatening to cheat on you of you don't comply makes me doubt the genuity of his faithfulness just as you claim he is..
    He is not even sure of himself..
    It's unfortunate that people now see marriage as an avenue to go against personal principles and will...
    Let him know your stand against having a video sex chat...You simply do not believe in it and if he chooses to cheat, let him go ahead..
    You don't torment a partner all in the name of marriage..

    1. God bless you my brother, you took the words right outta my mouth. You've said it all..

  2. Video sex chat will end up in masturbation which is not healthy physically and spiritually

  3. Okonkwo Joe,you impressed me this time,your words stands straight like CIGAR.Thanks Amara are all good,spoke my mind.


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