Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Husband Hasn't Talked to Me for Weeks!

Please help out,how do I cope with a husband that keeps malice for weeks. He leaves the house without me knowing his whereabout,anytime we quarrel he keeps to himself,he doesn't talk to me unless I ask him a question.
For a week now,we have been living like strangers,he provides all our needs even while quarreling,no communication,no love making,he will have erection,but to approach me is a problem,although he is not into women,he will just come back and play with his kids and ignore me.
The fault is mine,but I have asked him for forgiveness,which he ignored,I have decided to stay on my own,till he comes around. Am just tired,is really eating me up,please your advice is needed ma.

I may not know what you did to warrant this reaction from him but the first thing I must address is you because if we can sort out your own challenges with him, perhaps he won't overreact in the manner which he did.
Issues like starving your husband of sex, disrespecting his personality or making mockery of his efforts can make a man to avoid any communication with his wife as a way of expressing his pains and disappointment to what happened.
Keep petting and pleading for his forgiveness and assure him that you won't deliberately hurt him.
When next you see him having an erection, please do not wait for him to announce that he needs sex, kindly offer him a beautiful massage and give him great sex. Who knows, it may be the way to get him talking about you and whatever may have been troubling his heart.
No matter how angry he maybe, never keep away from him to avoid inviting the devil into your home.
It is wicked for anyone to treat his or her partner with silence treatment for an hour let alone for several days and weeks. Granted that there could be a genuine reasons for such a decision but we cannot allow the devil to feast on the silence of partners because during those periods, the devil can come up with some crazy ideas and hopeless suggestions which has the potential to crush down the marriage if not addressed on time.
And what benefits do such an individual get if not the pride of self and crushing down of the very ship that the marriage institution was established in which is friendship.
If possible and convenient for you, kindly encourage him to send a message to my inbox so that I can have a word or two with him.

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  1. If you ask him questions and he answers, then it's an advantage..
    Now be a smart woman and take advantage of the fact that he answers your questions...
    Ask him why he's still offended with you...
    Also ask him to tell you what to do to restore normalcy...
    Ask him why he wouldn't touch you even when he has an erection...
    Also ask him why he doesn't want to forgive you...
    Just don't stop asking...

    By the time you ask all these questions and he answers them like he has been doing, the problem will be solved and you'll have your man back to his best...


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