Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Should I Give Him More Time?

There is this guy I so much love although is a distance relationship, we've met twice and he said he loves me too but he has refused to say anything concerning the relationship we have started. If I ask him how he want the relationship to go in terms of getting married in future he keeps posting me and sometimes he laugh over it, and to me am having this doubt that maybe he has another woman he is keeping,but have said to myself that I will pay him a visit again and maybe spend sometime with him and I will ask him again for the last time and if he doesn't respond this time I will do away with him because I don't want to date a man for too long.
My dating a man should be for marriage and nothing more so please I need your advice because I don't know if am being too inquisitive about it or should I give him time?

One of the purpose of dating isn't for marriage alone, it's also for building friendship and sharing ideas and suggestions and inspiration and opinions that will be of tremendous help to each other.
For the fact that a man approached you and express his compliments or admiration for you doesn't necessarily mean that he's taking you to the altar immediately. It may also not mean that he's interested in a committed relationship with you.
Some men prefer to build a an environment where friendship and mutual purpose can thrive before they take it to a more serious commitment of relationship or marriage.
It then depends on you to define the terms and conditions of the dating based on your "expectations" perceptions of the person.
It's advisable not to offer sex when the purpose of such dating isn't defined nor the person married to you.
However we can't talk about marriage when you are not friends with your partner.
If you feel that you cannot wait for such a friendship or dating, and you have discussed with him without yielding any fruitful or positive response, then you may move on and pray for a man who shares the same  vision and future with you to avoid delay or disappointment.


  1. Thank you so much amara for the answer. It's not all abt marriage. There shouldn't be pressure.

  2. Thank you so much amara for the answer. It's not all abt marriage. There shouldn't be pressure.

  3. This is the reason why we have so many strangers living together as couples...
    You've met him just twice and you're thinking on asking him for the last time when next you see him..
    It means you already started announcing the marriage thing the very day you met him for the first time...
    The truth is....
    Girls that are too quick to sing the marriage song tend to scare men away....When a lady shows such desperation, It makes us feel like we're being used..Believe it or not..
    We are not comfortable with that at the early stage...
    Don't be too desperate..
    It's a distance relationship and you must understand that such type of relationship needs even more time than the normal close relationship...
    Take your time...
    No dey rush the young man lyk say you wan tie am down..
    He will run away if you keep pressing..

  4. @ okonkwo joseph..u've said it all..well spoken.

  5. Really? What if this guy has no intention whatsoever to marry her? Or he has a woman somewhere he has proposed to? She asking doesn't mean there can't be friends even if the dating didn't led to marriage. If she's ready for marriage and she sees quality in him she likes, asking is ok. Even if he proposes doesn't mean it must end in marriage. Marriage is a life long relationship, you can date forever without still knowing your partner totally. My opinion sha.


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