Friday, January 29, 2016

She Doesn't Feel Me!

Dear Ma'am,
My wife complains of not feeling me inside her when we're in bed. In fact the development has left me frustrated because I've tried everything from helping out in the kitchen to supporting her etc.
The only time she said she felt me I was not really in the mood but she really wanted it like Wow! When she didn't get it like she wanted her frustration knew no bounds.
Please what else do I do to make her feel me or at least satisfy her?

Amara : Please when you say feel you, what do you mean please?
Is it that she doesn't crave for sex with you or that whenever you are having sex, she doesn't feel your penis inside of her body?

Sender : Good morning Ma. When we're having sex she doesn't feel my penis inside of her body. The only time she felt it I wasn't keen on going that high because
1 I wasn't quite in the mood and
2 She wanted me to pound her like a Duracell battery and I didn't know where to get that kind of energy from since it was impromptu.

One thing is having a tool, another thing is understanding how your tool works and it's entirely a different thing to know how to use your tool effectively. 
Some men have long and thick penis, some have medium sized and thick penis while some are blessed with small penis. There is nothing absolutely wrong with the configuration of these penis, it's God's unique way of designing men and their penis. 
It's only a few number of people that go the extra mile to understand how their penis works and how to use their penis to give their wives an explosive and earthquake orgasmic sexual intercourse. 
For some, as long as they are inside the vagina and they have released the sperm inside her vagina, they're done not minding whether the wife caught the vision or the impact of the penis. 
Irrespective of the size of your penis, you can make your wife to enjoy sexual intimacy with you. 
First thing you must have in mind is that you are not just inserting  your penis to deposit your sperm but that you want to also make your wife enjoy every effort you put into the sexual intimacy. 
So have your wife's satisfaction in mind whenever you think of making love with her. Try as much as you can to remember the sensitive areas of her vagina, the place where her clitoris is located, the place where her g-spot is located, and the walls of her vagina so that in any position you wish to have sex with your wife, your penis is making an impact on one or more of these sensitive areas of her body. 
It's like if a mosquito bite you on the toes, you won't be scratching your fingers and expect your toes to get the impact no matter how you do that, same with sexual intimacy. 
You must pay keen attention to understanding how her vagina works not how every vagina works because her own characteristics may differ from that of another lady. 
Positions like the doggy style will give her a greater stimulation to her g-spot and also give you a maximum penetration, missionary position will give greater stimulation in her clitoris and spoon position will give her greater stimulation to her vagina canals. 
In a missionary position, place a pillow under her buttocks and while you thrust inside her vagina, you may gently press her lower abdomen so that you can also stimulate her g-spot while thrusting. 
She could close her legs so that your penis can have a greater impact in her vagina and as such stimulate the sensitive zone of her body. 
Vary the angle of penetration so that you can make contact with the sensitive areas of her vagina and you don't need to be lousy and nonchalant to her sexual needs. 
You may ask why all the stress to satisfy your wife, It's because when her vagina is well stimulated, her floor muscles sucks in the sperm with greater efficiency and your sperm travels faster into the neck of her womb which is what every couple prays for as soon as they get married. 
When you satisfy your wife's sexual cravings, her whole body opens up to receive your seed and her system becomes relaxed to allow your baby to be planted. 
So a woman's sexual satisfaction is not selfish but how her body has been designed to enable her conceive faster. So next time your wife craves for your attention, please focus on making this woman you so much love feel sexually satisfied by experimenting with positions that gives her vagina a greater stimulation and gives a firm grip on your penis. 
The size of your penis is never the problem but how you use it might be the challenge of the owner. On the part of your wife, she may need to do kegel floor exercise so that she can tone the muscles in her vagina to respond to the pounding and grilling of her vagina. Read : Tighten your Loose Vagina!
You must be focused on giving her sexual satisfaction and see every moment that she craves for you as an avenue for you to make her feel sexually satisfied and not sexually frustrated. The beauty of this is that as she gets satisfied, you also get satisfied even more and your energy to give her more will make you receive greater passion to serve her a second or third meal lol. 
Please do not let the tension of looking for the fruit of the womb make you have a boring sexual intimacy or make you lose hope in meeting the sexual needs of your wife. If you and your wife have gone for medical check up and have been certified okay, then invest more of your time in making love with your wife and forget about the ovulation calculator or the worries of not having your own baby. 
Your children will come in due time but for now please work with your wife and make her feel loved and cherished by your desire to meet her sexual cravings and desires. 


  1. Our professor gave us a course to how to please our partner..... but most of ladies won't be ever satisfied even their men use electricity to provide them joy...............

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