Friday, January 29, 2016

This Disgrace is Unbearable!

Good day to you ma! Thanks for always been there to share you word of wisdom to us,God will always perfect all that concerns you ma!(Amen). Ma! I was the girl that posted last year about insurance company that their company Agent(staff)that is giving me story on my money, that the company's senior agency manager promised to help us handle the case but up till date ma they have not paid us our complete money cause I still have about N35, 000 with them. But I give glory to God Aunty cos I have now opened my own Salon. Special thanks to you and AVL fans for your words of encouragement and prayer God bless you all.
Aunty my main purpose of sending you this mail is that I am always unhappy with my family especially my paternal side. I don't know how to cut my story short but I will try to minimise them. Am the third of my parent's three girls, my parents departed while I was just three months old,reason (as I was told) being that my dad was the only child of his mum that's my dad's mum so she never gave them breathing space to enjoying their marriage life cos she came living with them and she was the one that collected my dad's salaries to buy provision and to cook soup, and my mum being the wife those who do not have access to her husband.
To cut story short they departed and went their separate ways, my mum took me with her to her father's house but my dad's mum refused her to take my two senior ones with her. After four years my mum remarried and my dad also remarried but his wife left him again still on my dad's mum issue she still didn't allow her take her daughter with her.
Fast forward to 2011 when I finished my senior secondary school, I was so eager to know my dad and my senior sister. But my mum actually took me there for holidays and I was very happy to know my dad and sisters then went back to my mum's side after some months, I did something wrong to my mum and her husband(step dad), they really flogged me and flogged the hell out of me but to my thinking then I taught they were maltreating me cause he's not my real father,I had to run away to stay with my dad's mum.
To be sincere my step dad has been the most loving father I ever knew cos I grew up to know him as my father cause he saw me through my my entire school life I even bear his surname thinking he was my father cause he never treated me differently from his own children(half bothers and sister)until I was told my dad's story. My childish thinking made me to run to my dad's mum's side now living with her and my sister. Weeks past they started showing me their true colour one day would never pass without me regretting why I left my mum's side. I was frustrated till I had to go and learn handwork (hairmaking) at least to always leave the house to avoid trouble, since nobody was ready to see me through to further more (higher institution).
I later pleaded with my mum and my step dad they have forgiven me, up to date they have always been of help to me especially my mum! My dad's case was that he womanise a lot, he brings different women to our house. In 2012, my dad's mum had to pack out of the house leaving us behind her reason being that my dad used to bring women to sleep with them in her house. After that me and my sister were living alone and it's everyday fight and complain against me cause there was no love among us.
Aunty I had my own flaws too but I ought to be corrected instead of them of fighting me, there was no single love among us. Just last year my eldest sister got married. It's not up to two weeks after the wedding my dad brought a woman to sleep with her in our room when I entered, he told me to excuse him that he had visitor. I went outside only to find my sister outside repeating same thing my dad told me. Days passed, my dad did not show up to our house
Note: My dad does not stay with us, he has is own house but he brings women whenever me and my sis left for work! I decided I would confront him to stop his disgraceful act! Cause People see him whenever he comes home with women but that particular night I dreamt I caught him and one woman as I was about to tell him to stop his shameful act, I lost my voice and was unable to speak again in that dream, I decided to just keep mute and pray God change him. He is a well known man, he makes money on daily basis but my dad can't boast of any responsibility over me, the shop I newly opened, my dad did not give me any dime or support,even when I was learning I paid the fee myself through out the years I served. People might ask how I got the money when I was learning, I also do work at where they make bread (Bakery), I do clean and butter the pan they use in baking. I would wake up as early as 5am and would work till 9am at the bakery and will resume 9:30am.
Aunty, have really been through a lot in life,just yesterday I closed early from my shop hoping to go rest at home only to meet my dad and another woman again. Aunty I always regret having such a man as my father, he his disgracing us! Even my sisters are afraid of facing him to tell him the truth,we have prayed, he never seems to change a bit. I don't even know maybe he was cursed or something.
Please help me, this disgrace is just too much, we have nobody else to report to cause if my dad's mum hear about it again, she might kill herself cause that's what made her left the city to avoid his shameless son. Your advice and that of you fans are needed please help us!!!

Let me begin by commending you for your self determination and your vision to make a difference in spite of the discouraging challenges and circumstances you have found yourself.
Congratulations for being able to open a salon even with your meagre savings and positive mindset, it shows that God is not done with you and will never allow you to be put to shame.
Be courageous and give your heart to your passion, it doesn't matter how your background may be, it also doesn't matter what people feel of you and your family but what matters most is your vision and your determination to rewrite the background of your future and that of your children.
Please look beyond all the unpleasant experiences that is currently weighing you down and remember that nobody's attitude or feelings has the capacity or the power to pull you down from where God is taking you to.
For now, your greatest vision should be to work and save as much as you can to rent an apartment for yourself so that you can leave the premises of your sister and your father.
I understand how you feel about your father's attitude and I quite agree with you that it's beyond the mere sleeping with women, it has become an addiction it is only God that can restore him from this but please do not let his attitude make you forget that God used him to bring you to this world and as such, please do not hate him, or reject him because of his shortcomings.
I may not encourage you to confront him not because you don't have the right to but because it may never yield a positive result and he may feel that you are challenging him or judging him as your father. Pray for him and allow God to fix him in a way much better than anyone can.
Pray that God will show him mercies and redeem him from the depth of destruction. Do not challenge your sister's opinion or report him to his mother but allow God to fix him using any means best known to him.
What he needs from you and your siblings is prayers and prayers and prayers.
I know that you are not comfortable with his attitude but please do not quit loving him and appreciating God for using him to bring you to this universe.

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