Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Should I Accept Him Now?

Good evening ma, God bless you and your family for the impartation in humans life. More grace mummy! Am a Lady of 25 years old, a graduate waiting for my NYSC call-up letter ma. Am into a relationship with this young Godly guy, he will be 28 this year but in 200L in one of the Universities in Nigeria. This guy truly loves me so much and am in love with him too. He is from a poor background and struggle in sponsoring himself in school, also the same situation applied to me.
He is from Eastern part of the country, while am from Northern part but he is studying in north. I met this guy in one church program in school, he was among the guest speakers then. God is really using him mightly on earth. A young Minister of God. Different people came to him, telling him that he should leave me because am not worthy of him.
Some strong followers of Christ were even telling him that he is dating an unbeliever. He kept on saying that he loves me as Christ love the church. Despite all his struggle in life, he managed to help me financially when I was writing my project. He do buy food stuffs then without even asking me for it. We do study the Word of God together, pray together, fast together, etc.
He really helped me grow spiritually. I always do what will make him angry, but his response was always "am sorry, please forgive my love" with him kneeling down. He always try his best to make me happy. He even promised me marriage. All his social networks contain my pix. He puts my pix and his as a profile pix on every of his social networks.
Mummy, I need your advice here ma, he said he wanted to pay my bride price ending this year or early next year ma while he is still in school. We are both not working for now and he is so serious about it ma. Should I go ahead in accepting it now? Am really confused. I need advice because we are one family in this inspirational site of our great and lovely mother. No insult please, God bless you all, I love you all with the love of Christ. Thanks.

Find out what his plans are and what you can do to support him in his ministry. As a minister he needs a partner who understands the sensitivity of his ministry and is willing to sacrifice to support his partner.
I know that you are worried about his source of income but I feel that you maybe underestimating him to assume that he cannot take care of his responsibilities as a man.
Being in university at 28 years shouldn't be the reason why you should feel that he cannot work and take care of his own family.
As a minister and a motivational speaker, he needs a mature, visionary and emotionally stable lady who understands her roles and responsibilities as his companion and intimate friend. You must have a personal relationship with God and desire to grow in the understanding of God's word.
Once you have taken your time to pray prepare and plan with him, both of you can come to an agreement to what would be a better option for you and your partner.
In all your endeavours in life, never underestimate God's vessels or feel that they can't succeed in their field of calling or because of the circumstances surrounding them at the moment because the word of God said that eyes have not seen, ears have not heard neither has it come to the knowledge of any man the thoughts and plans of God for his life. Time is the only measure of how far a man can go or how great a man can be.

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  1. Really? Please pass him to me. I need someone with that character. Don't worry someone older who is a graduate will come for you.


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