Friday, January 15, 2016

Should I Study Nursing and Forget Biochemistry?

Hi ma, more grace to you, l'm an ardent follower of your page. please ma help me post this; l'm 23, have written jamb severally but just got admission in one of the state universities. Initially l applied for nursing but was given biochemistry.

l'm confused, just wanted to read nursing maybe to try it in a nursing school but afraid of losing this one cos of the adage that says "a bird at hand is worth more than a thousand in the bush" please advice me as a mother would to her child.

Nursing is a great professional course especially in a country where we need health care professionals to meet the needs of the sick,the nursing mothers, children, the pregnant women, and the elderly. There are tons of opportunities in nursing which is why there is always a stiff competition for many to study nursing at all cost.
But what many do not know is that there are much more opportunities for biochemists, microbiologists, industrial chemists, pharmacists and the rest of natural sciences courses.
A nurse needs the help of a biochemist or microbiologists to carry out some analysis that will guide the nurses on what to do. A biochemist researches on virtually all forms of serum, vaccine and analyses the side effects of such in human being before a nurse will have access to it. The drinks you take today had an input of a biochemist before it was delivered to your hands after you paid a token. The cream you rub, the perfumes you spray, and the preserved food that you eat all had an input from a biochemist and their opportunities are more vast than you can possibly imagine.
In most tertiary institutions, with a good result in Biochemistry, you can automatically enroll to study medicine from the second year so maybe you have no idea the beauty of the course you were given to study.
Take your time and research more about biochemistry so that you will gain more insight and decide whether to continue with the course or to try nursing school.
In all your decision, I would suggest that you accept this offer and still apply for the nursing school that is if you are still not convinced after your research so that whatever becomes the outcome of that won't have an adverse effect on your ambition to study.
Every course is unique in its own way but what matters most is what you make out of the opportunities you have today to maximise every information available to you.
Congratulations on your admission!

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