Friday, February 5, 2016

Could This be Love?

Good afternoon ma,thanks for your good work to people's life.
Am a fan of yours,don't comment but do like at times and this is my first post to you.
I met my current guy last year in school through a good friend of mine,you know the saying "A friend of a friend is a friend"..So things were going well, I was ahead of them in class but that wasn't my problem but they were my senior and you know getting admission in Nigeria is by his grace.
A day after their matriculation (i.e one month) he told me his feeling for me,cause I paid him a visit to congratulate him though we met at school before then,so we got into a conversation which lead to him telling me some things about me which he got some information from his friend,also my well behaved life,God fearing all that but wasn't perfect and ended the conversation about his feeling for me.
I said nothing much cause I was still with the ex but thanked him for his courage and do respect that but can't double date.
Things changed between me and my ex during my birthday time,I noticed but wasn't sure. He's the same level in school with my new guy. What next then the ex calling one day to quit the relationship that we could be friends that boyfriend/girlfriend is just a name and a friend of his told him that I was his senior in school,I should find someone who will treat me right..
Ma, before the ex entered school, I have been the one doing all things in our relationship,even many times he does act autocratic to me and do compare his ex to me. To enter WhatsApp will be when I recharge for him,only for him to be online and update the girl's pictures and post something silly about their lives. At first,before we started I asked him about his past life,he told me and I believed his ex wouldn't be an obstacle but was vice versa cause he carried her everywhere. If you checked for my photos on his phone won't find much more than five while many are all girl's especially his ex.
I cried my eyeballs out then cause I was faithful all those while and what I spent on him was nothing. We later chatted and that was our last chatting and I said my mind to him and also told him I believed in the law of karma and blocked and removed him both on Facebook and WhatsApp . Before the incident last year, my new guy was always there to enlighten me on what to do, beg if am the cause,at times do advice me if necessary but I do feel his pains, you know guys feeling but later own up and say truly some men don't know what they have till they lose it.
Have to move on without doubts,some months I accepted my new guy, he's good and have everything a lady would pray for..
But my problem is,he loves me more and I do love him back, will I say the way he treats me good like a queen and I see a bright future in us and also makes me not to feel pain like in my previous relationship and also helped to improve in my temper but at times I will sit down and be wondering if really I was dating him/into him,could it be am blind again or could this be love by not acting like the ex and was over good to me and at times my conscience do judge me not that am comparing but could it be my imagination.
Ma, don't want to lose what I have cause of this thoughts,though we do have our ups and down but we do tackle them together.
Help a sister.

When God decides to bless us, most times we feel that we don't deserve it because of what we went through in life. The truth is that you must not have a horrible relationship for you to experience God's best and for the fact that you experienced a horrible relationship doesn't mean that you're destined to always experience pains and disappointment in your relationship.
Instead of focusing on whether this is real or fake, I have a better suggestion for you. Appreciate every moment you share with him and remind yourself that this is what God desires for you.
Give your heart in your relationship and don't give your partner the impression that you don't believe in his personality and his intentions for you and the relationship.
Grow in love with him and pamper him the way you wish to be pampered. Allow this process to heal the pains, disappointments and the abuses of your past relationship.
Pray for your relationship and commit everything to God because every good and prosperous relationship comes from him who have good thoughts and plans for our life.
I don't think that you should be worried or afraid of tomorrow rather I would suggest that you walk a step at a time and allow God to reveal what the future holds for your relationship.



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