Thursday, February 4, 2016

I'm Dying Slowly!

I am 26 years, and in love with a girl about my age. I met this girl in my third year in school. We have been so happy together until last year ending when she met some family members that were her cousins who convinced her I was too young to be her lover. They introduced her to a certain guy and ever since she was head over heels for him. She sent me a break up text this year and I tried so hard to get her back but to no avail.
She seemed determined to move on without thinking all I have been through because of her, even her friends were amazed at her sudden change of attitudes towards me. She refused seeing me and only talked on phone, which to me kept hurting me. I love her so much I can't go a day without thinking about her, this is affecting me in every angle.
I find it hard to move on considering the fact my heart can't let go. I can't sleep at night and can't concentrate at all. Aunt I need your advice because I am losing it, right now I just woke up from inconsistent sleeps which has become the order of my day and I can't just be happy, I feel so empty and let down. Betrayed by the love I gave everything for. I don't know what else to do and I fear I am losing it. My heart keeps pounding faster than ever, I don't know how to move on, it's really draining my energy.
I am dying slowly and no one knows but she and she seemed to careless even when I told her what I was going through. I need help please, I am tired of crying all night and wishing anything. I just want to live!

I personally felt your pains and understood your agony. It is hurting to give your heart to someone you love and the person throws it back at your face and make you shed tears.
Any individual who is easily convinced to leave a partner or a relationship for some irrelevant reasons sincerely never loved you and for the fact that she left you doesn't mean that your life will become a history.
You don't need to die or lose your identity and self esteem just because she left you. Remember that you need to be alive to experience marriage on earth and if she's made you lose sight on what God is doing in your life, she's no longer a partner but an idol.
You must realise that in this critical point of your destiny that your peace of mind is priceless and that anything or anyone that makes you lose your identity, your self esteem and your personal relationship with God is never in what you need nor will it be of any benefit for your destiny.
It's time to look up to God who knows much more than you can think of, and sees beyond your disappointment. It's time to surrender, you have done your possible best to win her love and to let her know how much you love and cherish her, this is the time to surrender and allow God to guide your heart and footsteps.
Please get hold of yourself and drop all your worries at the feet of Him who truly understands and is willing to give you a glory better than what you imagined.
Most times, God wrestles with our desire so that he can bless us with his treasure that is much more than your expectations. God does speak through our pains and disappointments and he cannot allow you to walk in the path that will crush your destiny.
Please cheer up and hold unto God, he's all you need now and forever. Since she's decided to move on, bid her goodbye and pray that God will perfect all that concerns her. No need to ask many questions, allow her, and allow God to reveal his perfect plan for your life and your marriage.
Do not walk faster than your shadow but let God into your life. He will never disappoint you nor will you ever regret the decision.
Even though you may feel lonely and depressed, God is still at work to bless you with the partner that will not only love Him but will also help you to fulfil God's purpose for your life.


  1. I really know how you feel and I'm force to be ur friend to make u heal,but I can't, dear friend it will take time to heal but u will surly get over her,cry. If u want to,but uve cry enough so get up and take urself out,she doesn't deserve u,and belive me she will come back,she want to get married that y she left u for someone else,but leave her it her loss. hang out with friends,wheneva u tot about her again and u wanna cry read wat Amara as advice and. I bet u will feel beta.

  2. My friend you still very young n need more focus now and God is all you need now,when you are fullfilled you don't need to fight to get your partner,just be patient you all find the bone of your bones,this time it your wife not a girlfriend with true love than the later.

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    I also want to point out that you don't have to walk the journey alone. Having a strong and healthy support group, whether they be family, good friends, or counselors, can empower you along the way.


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