Thursday, February 4, 2016

How Do I Break Up with Her?

Good day ma and all the wonderful fans of this platform ....
Am a guy of 27 years, fell in love with a lady of 30 years. Our relationship was two months old when she told me she's a married woman, but separated from her husband almost one year now.... Reason was because she couldn't bear a child, so the mother in-law insulted and sacked her from her matrimonial home in the presence of her husband who supported his mother.
This lady has given birth before with the husband when they were dating, but the baby died just one month after it was born and after wedding, they have tried but couldn't give birth to a child.
After hearing this, I decided to break-up with her (Note -there was nothing intimacy between us) but she begged me to stay, saying she loves me and so many things. This lady hate the husband with passion cause of how she talked about him or described him.
One day, she visited the husband at home, to pack the rest of her belongings and said the husband forced and rape her that day.
I made it clear to her that, I can't date her because if she's separated with the husband doesn't mean she's now a single lady or free. She threatened to kill herself if I don't accept her.
I took those words as a joke, didn't hear from her again until three weeks later I heard she was in the hospital unconscious, I was very shocked. After regaining consciousness she told me that, she's not happy in this world and will never forgive or forget what the husband and mother in-law did to her. That she want to be my wife but I rejected her that was why she tried to end it all.
When she was in the hospital, the doctors found out that she was pregnant but lost it cause of the substance she took to commit suicide. According to her, she never knew she was pregnant and the pregnancy was for the husband when he raped her.
Just yesterday, she told me she's pregnant again but don't know how it happened so she went to the hospital and the doctor said that it was twins but only one survey. This lady has been begging me to have sex with her ever since we met and now she is telling me to accept responsibility for the baby she's carrying, which both of us knew it's not mine. That she will be the one to provide all the baby's needs when it arrive, that I should just take the title as father.
No one knows about her pregnancy not even the husband. She's making plans to leave the country with me secretly, which I told her to stop.
As at now, they are on divorce issue in court. This matter is too heavy for me to swallow, don't have anyone to tell all these, am orphan and that's why I turned to this page ma. The husband is a changed man now begging her with the mother to come back home but she refused, saying she will rather die than going back.
I think there was more to what the husband and mother did to her which was why she couldn't forgive them. I have done what I can just for her to see reasons with me that it will not work but all seems to fall on deaf ears. I will not lie if I say I don't love her, but knowing she's married am afraid to bring curse or the wrath of God on me, I feel like am the cause of her husband's suffering (begging & crying).
Please ma , I need advice from you and all the members in this platform. Thank You

You are not the reason for the suffering of her husband. All you need to do now is steer clear from her and allow her to decide on what's best for herself and the marriage.
Until she has legally divorced her husband, she's not emotionally available for a relationship with anyone else so there's no need for you to rope yourself into her marriage challenges.
Separation is also a part of reconciliation process which could help the partners resolve their differences and reunite as one. Pray for them and stop communicating with her so that you don't give her the impression that you are waiting for her once she's done with the husband.


  1. My dear bros..pls leave that lady alone.a woman that is capable of sucide can attempt to kill u too. And come to think of it after she lost d pregnancy she conceived 2ru rape.who impregnated her again? Guess she's sleeping with someone else..kindly steer clear from that lady.she's dangerous and wants to use u to correct her mistakes. Guess she already found out u r a good guy and trying to manipulate run for ur life cos i can assure u 100% that u ll regret it if u marry her. Simple.

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