Monday, February 1, 2016

Everything Pours Out!

Good day Aunty Amara,please help me,also post on your page so I can get advice. I have been married for two years,I gave birth to my son last year but I lost him after delivery and since then I have been trying to conceive but the problem am having is this,after making love when I get up everything will pour,and I don't get up immediately,a times I stay in bed for an hour,a times I sleep off and wake up in the morning yet it still comes out.
It started before I took in for my baby but then I treated infection with herbal medicine before I could take in. Now that I have given birth the case is worse,someone directed me to a Yoruba herbalist who said it is called Eda,he gave me some medicines to drink,lick and a soap to wash my private part which I have been doing for two weeks now but it seems is not working. I put pillow under me yet if my hubby is pulling out a times some will come out with it a times it won't but when I wake up in the morning some will come out,I just have this feeling that is not working,and after giving birth my private was very loose upon I pressed/sat on hot water for two months and am still sitting on hot water but I still feel loose.
Ma I am so frustrated,I have been praying,I think it is only another baby that can console me,we have gone for test and we are okay,people suggest I should go and set my womb that the womb is not in a good position.
Am confused and frustrated. Am sorry it's long but I have to pour out my mind,help me with advice or possible solution because it seems am losing it.

I am deeply sorry for the loss of your baby and I pray that God will bless you with your own bundles of joy in no distant future. 
You cannot use herbal means and concussions to treat sensitive part of your body as your vagina and your womb. 
I consulted a medical doctor and here is what she said :
"It could be a possible cervical incompetence issue.. that is a cervix looseness issue. 
It can also be a complication of her previous delivery. 
The best is not to lick or drink drugs one is not aware of or even use soap you can't guarantee what was used to prepare it on an intimate body part like that. 
These are risky and may enhance the issues at hand...
Another issue is that you sound tense...desperate which all have psychological undertone to the issue and anxiety can affect fertility too...
You need to calm yourself a little and relax as it will help her address the issue better. 
Seek medical attention, it can be worked on I mean a good evaluation of the drooling of semen wherever its coming from will be looked into and managed definitely".
Personally I don't suggest herbal remedies for a sensitive area of humanity as child birth and conception. 
I perfectly understand what you are experiencing and I want to assure you that this won't last forever and God will perfect the desires of your heart. 
Please you and your husband should visit a specialist hospital or a teaching hospital for a comprehensive examination and treatment of this challenge. 

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