Saturday, February 13, 2016

He Doesn't Give me Upkeep Allowance!

Good morning aunty Amara, pIease I need your advice on this. How can I handle my hubby who has refused to be performing his duties as a man for the past eight years now. We are both working in the same organisation a good job not that is jobless.
But he has never given me upkeep allowance for eight years now. And to worsen the situation he will demand for a particular meal, when I refused to do it, it will resolve to violence. I always makes everything available in the house because of the kids. Is only when it comes to sex he sees himself as a man.
Please I really need your advice on how to go about it.

Perhaps because he has an idea of your take home which is why he felt that you should take care of the home and provide what the family needs.
Well I have no idea if he was the one who brought you to your place of work, I also have no idea if he's taking care of some capital projects as your mail was not elaborate on that but then if you can take care of the needs at home, please do not relent or feel discouraged by his attitude.
When a husband fails in his responsibility, you need not compete with him or challenge his authority but you should humble yourself and pray for divine provision for your family. If God has blessed you with a place to work and some financial blessings from your place of work, kindly use it and take care of your home.
Some men may be insensitive to the needs of the home and some maybe irresponsible no matter how much they earn but you don't need to lose the peace of your mind simply because he's not giving you as much as you need.
Open up to him, find out if there are projects or things that he's currently working on, enhance your communication with him and find out what he may not be telling you but that shouldn't make you relent in serving him and giving him quality sex because sex shouldn't be a manipulative tool for couples.
Above all else, let your vision be to help him by giving your best to the family and your children. God who sees the sacrifices that you have made will reward you in due course.

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  1. I don't believe you. For 8 yrs your husband has not giving a dime for the house. I don't believe you. If you are lying and denying this man you are only inviting the devil into your home, and I can assure you it won't be funny at all. Pls learn to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of your husband. God bless you


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