Saturday, February 13, 2016

He Hardly Communicates with Me!

Good day ma, thanks for your wonderful work, God bless you.
Ma, my story goes like this. I had a misunderstanding with my guy on January this year due to the way I used to monitor him, later I realised that was the one at fault.
He called me on second week of January and asked me to go my way that he needed someone that understands him and he's not ready to get married now till five years coming (age=34), that he doesn't want me to waste my time on him, that happened by 11am.
I went to his house by 6am the following day, we got back again. He started calling me twice a day, he fell more in love with me. Whenever he calls, he will ask me whether I have found another guy. When we met last, before he travelled, I answered another guy's call in front of him which I have not done before, he was worried till I explained who the guy was. My problem now is that he did not call since last week Monday, but whenever I call him, even if he's busy that moment he will call back later. Please ma he doesn't call, till I call him, whenever I tried asking him, he will say he's busy or that I should stop asking him such question.
Please ma what will I do, now two guys are coming on my way but don't know why am so attached to him like that. This started happening when I saw him in the dream married with four kids. I use to have that dream whenever I prayed seriously for him. Please I need advice.

You don't discuss the future of a relationship on the phone. Make out time to meet up with him and discuss the future of the relationship. There is no need for the hide and seek game but this is the moment of truth and sincerity. If he's no longer interested in the relationship, then you may have to move on and take your time to meditate on what transpired in the relationship before venturing into another one.
From your mail, it seems like once you give him sex, everything seems perfect and pretty good but when you don't continue with your generosity, things becomes stale. Well, it's time for him to tell you in clear terms whether he's with you or with another lady.
Do not consider another suitor until you have addressed the misunderstandings and challenges with your partner.
If you feel that he's already married, and you have evidences of your convictions, then you may need to do yourself a great favour by bidding him goodbye to avoid destroying your destiny and destroying the home of another lady.

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